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Program a porsche you can join us here the tollfree number is eight fifty five four fifty free like freedom we did a lot of talk about stadium subsidies here tonight at the beginning of the show and just a few months ago were discussing the scam that is government regulatory structure and the licensing which is basically just a protection racket for those who are in business there are some people out there who have a fantasy belief that the government is actually protecting consumers from unscrupulous business owners through its licensing and regulations when the reality is the government is being used as a tool by those very unscrupulous business owners who who would be willing to use the violence of the state to prevent their competition from coming up in starting in the first place as we've seen with some industries like the taxi cab companies being assertive disrupted by companies like super and lift what happened there was super lift didn't come to town asking for permission the reason why uber lift made it in the first place was because they didn't go through the typical legal structure they didn't try to asked for permission to become a cab company in the first place they said we are going to do our business differently we're not a cab company we're just day connector we just connect people who wanna drive somebody somewhere to people who wanna go somewhere and you know like a.

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