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Danny, I'll let you, you can show your, I mean, I don't know how much, you know about you, but I was, I know, I know all about your certain history wage. It was roommates with Baba Booey. So I can. I remember that moment? Because I knew you prior, I think, For those who don't know, Eli is a major contributor of of songs about Robin Quivers. Hits that are played and how many would you say you have all my life? I mean, I've done, definitely like at least five hundred songs about Robin, you know, since the pandemic the show has, they don't do the new segment anymore. Oh, so it's like, I do all kinds of songs, a lot about Bowie songs. A lot of songs about various Colours Bobo king of all blacks, a lot of songs about various staffers, you know, Benji, Sal may I love I love doing a chance to but but yeah, I mean I I continue to worship Robbins tits but there's not as much of a there's not there's not an opening on the show for four songs about her kids more. So yeah, I think it's important for an artist to grow. So you know what I think it is a natural like just as you know, when Bob Dylan went electric and you moved from Robin to Bobo. Yep. Exactly. I mean these are but Robins titties need to be celebrated, always think. It's fair to take this away from the life that they lived. There are other contributors of of music. Is there a competition of camaraderie? Are you a fraternity of like, who are who? Who are the, you know, who? When you shout out to his Inspirations or people who make you a better song parodist in that world? Well, among among the song parody people for the Howard Stern Show, I do have a strong Alliance. Some little Mikey. Yes I am and and wage there was there was one point in the show's history. Probably you know, eight years ago up until maybe three years ago where the main three people was me a little Mikey and psyche and life cycle was blind and I was not a fan of Psych. I went on the show a couple of times with psych my disgust how much you hate blind people. This is, you know, I'm Not Dead. The Olde blind people but most Marlee Matlin definitely on my shit list when she just can't hear she just can't hear. Oh right, okay. Well it really is everybody with disabilities that I'm do. I get that? I get that. I mean it's a white as a straight white male. I'm kind of like, you know, all of you just go away, you know, it's like, you know, whatever. Modelling someone standing up for human straight wage is a chance. It's, I mean, finally sort out your first. When are you coming? Stevie Wonder Stevie Wonder wrote a couple of good songs. Let's be honest. I mean I'm sorry. Okay he's black fine..

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