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Center Top story this hour, A one year old Chamblee boys safe today after Ah man and woman kidnapping from his mother's Saturday at gunpoint. Public of SB Cheryl Castro reports. The mother tried to fight, but I only say a shambling mom was walking to her apartment, pushing her one year old son in a stroller. When a maroon colored SUV pulled up next to her one man got out, pointed a gun at her and tried to grab her son. She was able to grab the gun trying to shoot the suspect. But the gun didn't go off the mom continue to fight back, grabbing a piece of suspects, shorts and even a shoe. Meanwhile, a second man got out grab the young boy and got into the back of the vehicle. The man and woman kidnappers are under arrest after police caught him about five yesterday. 5 P.m. police identify them as mine or Dario Valera Zuniga and Kristen Nicole Val eras. Amiga. Both are in jail this morning that would you ask me there's Times six. So one channel to meteorologist Brad Mitt. Calling for a cloudy now chance, arraigned later on at Love is most accurate and dependable forecast is straight ahead. Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill says he's the victim of a social Security scam is Friday statements as deputies are looking for a man identified as Anthony Clark Jr for calling Sheriff Hills County issued cell phone Clark reportedly said he was looking into fraudulent use of hills Social Security number. Top local news every 30 minutes and when it breaks 95.5 WSB depend on it. Corona virus pandemic did not stop volunteers from turning.

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