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WanNa it is so great to be here with you on this Monday afternoon in Bristol? Connecticut Connecticut what a way to start. What should be a really fun week? A really memorable and fun week. I feel it. It's been awhile since I felt something like this before. And of course these kinds of feelings come along with a Connor McGregor flight and so here we are five days away from the return of Conor McGregor arguably the most famous fighter in the history Eh of the sport of mixed martial arts. I don't know who would argue against that but nevertheless sure you can argue against it if you want the biggest draw the face of the UFC still his first fight since October of two thousand eighteen it's UFC two forty six. It goes down this Saturday. Las Vegas T mobile arena. You see the lineup. The main card hard right over there conor McGregor Donald Sironi main event welterweight fight five rounds. We are five days away from that fight. And you know I've been thinking why this one feel so exciting. Why feels special because I know some of the narrative has been? Hey you you know. It's kind of flying under the radar and hey it doesn't feel big doesn't feel like there's a lot of buzz. I would argue the opposite way I would say it feels bigger because we've had a break AAC and this almost feels like our version the Ma version of opening day. The last year of C event was December twenty first in the middle of the night in South Korea. The plus pay-per-view was December fourteenth. So it feels like it's almost been a month between events and that has given us a lot of time. I think to talk about this fight to talk about the return. The stakes the story leading up to this point and it feels to me. And maybe it's because I just came back from Las Vegas. I flew to Las Vegas League late. Thursday night sat down with Connor on Friday afternoon and then flew home that night. And maybe because I was there I was around his team. I spoke to his coaches coaches and it started to feel nostalgic. It started to feel like the old days and they were saying to me about Connor. And I'll and I'll share my thoughts on conor McGregor in that interview. Who is going to air on? Today's show in its entirety was around forty seven minutes. It will air later on. I'll give you the lineup in a second but the main thing that I'll say right off the top is as I was waiting for him and even in the lead up to me going out there and sitting with them and I really do appreciate him giving us the time. He's not talking to a lot of people and it certainly is. It certainly is something that we appreciate that he would give us that time. especially that much time but the main thing that I kept hearing was Oh. He's happier than he's ever been. Oh Oh he no. He's in a great spot mentally physically. This is the old connor. This is better than the old all that stuff and to be honest I roll my eyes and I said I've heard this before and and I said this is a cliche that we hear in the game in sports all the time. Best camp ever all that stuff. But then I sat down with Conor McGregor and I would say that that this is a completely different person than the one that we've seen the last couple of years completely different and we talked about a lot. We touched on a lot. He owned up to a lot. He was very he was very open. I thought he was very forthright. It was different than the guy that I spoke to in August in my opinion and so I'm very curious to hear what you think. You had a lot of thoughts on the August interview. I'm curious to hear what you think about. This particular interview was just two days ago and I know a lot of you saw the teaser. Clip that we posted and and a lot of you are saying that he sounds happier and he sounds more calm. And maybe a little more humble rejuvenated. I can't wait to hear the thoughts afterwards words because I left with a lot of thoughts and I left believing what they were telling me going into the interview. which is he is rejuvenated? He is refocused he is doing all the right things. A lot was touch on a lot was revealed. So I'm looking forward to sharing that with all of you This this sort of Zen like and to be honest. I've been in this before right. I've it reminded me a little bit leading into it of my situation with with John Jones. Back in two thousand and fifteen. When I went to Albuquerque after the hit and run accident I was talking to a guy who's telling me that he was going to change age and he was telling me that he was different and that he has a new lease on life? And all this stuff and I was thinking. Okay I'M GONNA here's some of the stuff that I heard with John because there's a lot of parallels there on with with the trouble that he was getting into and would John. I felt the entire time that he was nervous that he was unsure of himself. I felt that he was kind of feeling like one. One hundred percent. Believe what I'm seeing in this moment and of course we know what happened afterwards. He got in more trouble later on. Didn't get that sense this time around and we never know what's going to happen. It's impossible to predict but didn't get get that sense this time around so that's going to air later on today show. Of course. This is a special fight because there is no belt on the line. It's the first time since the Dennis in a super fight in two thousand fifteen where connors not a champion or. There's no belt online. Because even when he fought twice those were entitled fights but he was still a champion right he was still champion in those fights in this particular case. No belt no champion but it still feels like a big deal because of the comeback because of the stakes aches because of everything that's attached to this fight and so here we are for the first time since you have C.. One eighty three two fighters going into a fight off losing streaks takes off losses to fighters going into a fight main eventing a pay per view first time since Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz did it. You Have C. One eighty three. That's special on its own rate. And the first time since he fought Diego Brandao that he's fighting fighter coming off a loss as well. That's a key thing that no one's talking about the mental part of coming off a loss and then fighting on a stage like conor McGregor. Let's be honest a lot of you say that about surrounding. He has said that about himself. Mentally sometimes he falters in those situations he crumbles in those situations houses confidence going into this fight and and I know as I am about to tell you the line-up here I know a lot of you said over the last day where Sironi on this show whereas his team on the show. I just WanNa make this very clear. I've asked multiple times to come on this show. Not just today but leading up to the fight and team as well unfortunately he declined and as a result of him declining. His team declined as well. But Trust me when I say I tried to get him in his team on multiple occasions coming today show. Hey you got to play with the cards you are dealt and so we will play with these cards. We've got a great show lined up for all of you today all things you have see to forty six discuss now. This is our coverage scheduled for this week. I'm going to Las Vegas on Tuesday tomorrow. Look at all this stuff. We've got our own bag. I live from Sin City on Wednesday and stay on. ESPN plus we've got my radio show special edition of this show on the radio national. Espn Radio National Midnight Eastern. So that's going to be after the press conference which is at eight PM Eastern. That's going to be a lot of fun we've got the way in show on. ESPN plus at noon eastern UFC live to forty six pre show. We've got in addition addition to all that all of our coverage that's going down as far as media day. Mazda is doing a press conference. I'm I'm told on Thursday's world is a ton there is a special edition of. UFC she live on. ABC said ABC ABC NOT ESPN ESPN ABC. Going into a basketball game. Which is incredible my show at four eastern radio show three hours on the radio leading up to the card? So there's a lot there. Let me tell you about today's lineup. Because it's a special and I'm very excited about today's show and and then we will get rocking and rolling so In about two hours and thirty five minutes three thirty five. We're back torch tradition with coach. John Kevin Remember prior to the Habib. He didn't come on and we know what happened there. He wanted to keep things tight and in camp did come on the show. We saw what happened now. We're going back to the old ways coming on the Monday before. I'm looking forward to having John. Kevin on the show tells about the camp and everything leading up to that this fight. Roxanne Montazeri has a big fight coming up against macy barber on Saturday a UFC. Two forty six I saw at the Pi on Friday. And I thought you know what it'd be nice to have Roxanne on as you know friend of the program. We got our happy warrior. Fan Right over here. We've got her book. Had to be positive right over here. So we'll talk to Roxanne Bend modifier at three twenty. We'll talk to Rowdy Owen. Roddy striking coach for Conor McGregor. I'm looking forward to that as I knock over Roxanne's Fan. I always do that. We'll get his perspective effective and he's also launched a new amateur program here in the United States. I'm looking forward to talking to him about that. At around two fifty-five we'll have a lot of celebrities making their prediction of for the fight fifteen celebrities way in stay tuned for that surprise celebrities. I asked a bunch of them to weigh in. That's going to be a lot of fun. A lot of familiar faces at two o'clock. My interview with Conor McGregor will air in its entirety. The sit down from Friday where we talked about all those things leading up to this fight on Saturday. So that's going to be a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to you all seeing that one forty-five Anthony Pettis will join us. He has a big fight on Saturdays. Well against Carlos Diego Fajita pick for him coming back to one fifty five Fajita with a five five fight winning streak. He is the fighter on this car with the longest winning streak so a big spot for him an opportunity for Anthony pedestal. Get back on track. Eddie Alvarez.

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