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Under secretary of homeland security. Resources that are. To prepare for state of the union address. Here's the thing. She a secure data security issue. She's saying that they don't have enough resources because of the shutdown. They have the state of the union right after she said, this you Nielsen from homeland security said, no, we're okay, we're got cover. Ooh, we're fine. Why are they doing this? Well, because they want to the president. Would it be the first time that the house of representatives hasn't uninvited the president to give a state of the union speech? I don't know. It's a good question. I ever had it outside anywhere before it's within the rights. They make the call. Apparently, they're the ones that invite the president to speak to the nation. So it's it's within their rights. Now, where's he going to go? We don't know we still think it's going to happen. And I bet you it's still on the twenty ninth. And by the way, are they twenty nine this is still happening. We will still be as a station is a group unified fronts at Aaron's table and wine bar Jupiter. We might be at the bar, but we will be there. Probably well you, and I will be at the least last time. Still join us for no matter. What happens we're gonna have a party whether vice still think he's gonna end up giving the state of the union just a matter of where it's from. Yeah. I think you're right. We think you want him at the where the washer where do you want to the Washington memorial where the mall the mall the mall? Okay. So you have a lot of people. It'll be outside. Sure. So it'll be shorter. I think he's going to be like an arena like an Atlanta or somewhere where where he's like like, maybe in Texas. Don't know this way, you can have guests get bikers for Trump some of the angel moms. Well, cops that'd be great. I bet you the minute Nancy Pelosi said that yesterday he went he went nuts. Call staff members, and instead frame me a location now when I want X XXXXX there, Mike finally the biggest arena in the country has sir. Yes, sir. I will where are they going? They're going to substitute. What's the biggest indoor stadium? Indoor. I don't know maybe an arena like the United Center in Chicago or something. I don't know. I okay. Maybe that's where he's going eighteen nineteen thousand can you imagine? The state without a doubt the state of the union in front of the people of the United States instead of congress. And he might honestly changed the way this is done that would be crudeness that would be fine with that. I'm fine with the two we shall see. What happens? Yeah. You're not kidding. We'll still be at errands table and Weinberg Karen Sydney lettuce. News update Cardi B the rapper. She's explaining the shut down to everybody. Don't worry. She'll she'll update everybody. I just wanna remind. Yeah. Because it's been a little bit over three weeks. Okay. It's been a low Bill but three weeks. Is now offering at the summit Steve better will go back to work as in. What is what did she say summonsing is that what she said? Well, she called them slump. All right. We're listening to a former stripper whose a she's a great rapper. G? American treasure. Jan. Oh, yeah. Apple of America. Did know who the hell she was until Adam LeVine and the four other guys. Maroon five put her in a video, right? Quickly. Our producers disagreeing with me. But I can tell you for a fact I could ask ten of my friends right now, they would know she is even after the Adam LeVine video. But that's besides the point is not an age thing. Everybody has a mortgage and kids and like he's adulting time for that. So now, we gotta listen to this woman. Are you kidding me? This did she does he have an education. Hey, y'all. Hey, y'all this way listen to somebody has a brain. Okay. I'll be quite get worked up about this. Cardi B. Pro Bowl stand for bear asks for when she was a stripper the beast can somebody please tell me I don't know what she would just get a divorce from some other guy yet some NATO. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm I'm out of touch with the hip hop world. Archie. Glad not to be though. Yes. I am joy of missing out. That's what it's all about. All right. We had that story before about those idiots. Who are from here who jumped up well, only one of them jumped off the cruise ship from eleven floors up. He lived, but he shot the live got arrested screwed up the cruise for everybody. Now in another cruise to talk about what's the? Yeah. You told me about okay? I think we should book this right now because this would be fascinating to me to talk to these people. This would be great. Can you imagine the nerds who would be in the flat earth cruise? Okay, now, isn't isn't there a guy that place for the patriots? Who is the Celtics Irving was the flat. But there's a lot of basketball players as it turns out to have a flat or a theory. They don't think the earth is round. And a lot of them. I believe the dinosaurs never existed. Really? I'm just telling you. Okay. But they can go at Cardi B. Yes. I'm concerned if you like to push conspiracy theories, you need to kick back and relax too. That's why the flat earth international conference so sticky flat earth crews and twenty twenty. So what happens when they get to the end of the earth. And it's going to go off the edge the turn around go back. Do they just zigzag? So they don't get to the end. I don't know. I don't even know what cruise line. It's going to be. It's promising a great time. With those believe the earth is flat. Yeah, provided they don't fall off the edge. Of course. Did they do? They not ever watch any of these. Okay. Maybe the SpaceX rocket launches. Now. Will they think that's all tricked up? Like, do you? Remember that old movie hangar? Eighteen or nineteen eighteen. The theory was the moon landing was all a TV show. Oh, so you'll have those folks on board too. Okay. Okay. What about the international space station pictures where they actually showed the earth in its round Photoshop. I'm so sorry. I want to be on this cruise because these people are not this would be very entertaining come on. That's what I said. I wanna be with the not sites fit right in. We gotta go where where's it going? It'll be out of here, south Florida. We to go to three search her to be on this ship. All right. We're in. What's a stay at home? Mom worth in dollars by world. Not enough. They finally figured it out. Other updates.

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