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This small group of northside college prep students met up with about sixty others from nearby von steuben highschool to ride trains together to the rally downtown this protest was much smaller than one last month in the wake of the parkland florida school shooting but then stupid sophomore ethan idea says the teen still have an important message for elected officials just because we can't vote doesn't mean our voices don't matter because we're going to be the next generation of vote and we're going to vote you guys out of office if you don't do anything about it a new pew research poll shows fifty seven percent of students nationwide worry a mass shooting could happen at their school but students at some chicago neighborhoods say they fear getting shot on the way to or from school even more david schaper npr news chicago hundreds of mourners filed through houston saint martin's episcopal church today to pay their respects and walk past the casket a former first lady barbara bush kitty guggenheim was there she says she admired the former first lady's dedication to family with everything that she accomplished in her life that was still the biggest thing for her so she never lost that day on home family feel former president george h w bush said at the front of the sanctuary greeting some of those who pass by wells fargo is agreeing to pay a one billion dollar fine to settle with federal regulators the officer of the comptroller of the currency and the consumer financial protection bureau accused the banking giant of abuses in its mortgage an auto loan businesses this is npr.

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