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Coming up on all things considered after three long days of testimony. How has Michael Cohen advanced our understanding of Trump world, and where will his crimes figure in the story of Donald Trump's presidency? We'll have our look with this week in politics. Also, a judge said a male only draft is unconstitutional, but what happens now, I these headlines. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Jack Speer. The Trump administration is ramping up pressure on Venezuelan officials remained close to the embattled President, Nicolas Maduro NPR's. Michele Keleman has more on new sanctions and other actions meant to force Madore from power. The treasury department is adding six Venezuelan security officials to a sanctions lists accusing them of helping Madero block US aid to the country US envoy Elliot Abrams says the State Department is also revoking dozens of visas enduro, supporters abuser violate human rights. Steal from the Venezuelan. People are undermined then as well as democracy are not welcome in the United States. Neither are their family members. He wouldn't say exactly how many Venezuelans are losing US visas or name names Abrahams caused this ongoing process. Adding that the US will continue to take appropriate actions against Madero associates, Michelle. Kellerman NPR news the State Department. The governor of Washington state is joining a growing list of Democrats running for president in twenty twenty. Jay Inslee, also becomes the first governor she can replace President Trump. Austin Jenkins of the northwest news network reports he wants to make climate change the focus of his campaign instantly held his campaign kickoff in the warehouse of a solar installation company. So I am announcing today that I make candidate to become the next president of.

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