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Relief options available but you have to take that first step you have to reach out to your lender explain your situation and ask for that help one of the reasons they're giving for not reaching out to these lenders the writing of different reasons why people haven't reached out to their lenders in some part it's they may have figured out a solution on their own other common responses are they didn't know that it was an option they're waiting on the lender to contact them or they haven't gotten around to it I'm not certain of those it hadn't contacted their lender said one of those three again waiting for your lender to contact you not the way to go about it the scale of payment relief that's available now is really unprecedented I did see a separate survey today roughly three quarters of people who have lost their jobs are confident they're going to get them back or get something back to start bringing money into the household I'm just wondering what you think about that in terms of our bounce back although the unemployment numbers that we're seeing are really eye popping and just totally off the charts one thing to keep in mind is almost half of those that are filing for unemployment list themselves as temporarily unemployed normally in a recession that number is in the low single digits so this is much different than that gives hope a lot of people that are filing for unemployment now are going to be called back quickly where the rubber meets the road is going to be where demand false if demand is good that's going to accelerate the need for employers to call people back if on the other hand economic demand is still very sluggish consumers are hesitant to go out and do things that's going to delay some of those employees getting called back Bankrate dot com chief financial analyst Greg McBride on Skype eight fourteen a piece of art celebrates superhero medical workers street artist Banksy taking to Instagram to unveil a piece of art to paying tribute to health care workers the artwork titled game changer is mostly black and white showing a child playing with a nurse to weigh flying it's like a super hero while Batman and spider man figures are left in a basket on the floor the nurse figure wearing a Cape a facemask and an apron with the red cross Banksy donating the piece to England's university hospital Southampton along with a note reading thanks for all you are doing I hope this brightens the place up a bit even if it's only black and white the piece on display in a hallway Christine good when fox news goodwill of greater Washington has decided to shut down its donation centers because they're running out of storage space even with an additional twenty five thousand square foot warehouse goodwill's chief marketing officer for the greater DC region Brendan Hurley tells WTOP they ran out of places to put all the items and will stop accepting donations at five PM this evening we're just very disappointed that our stores are closed and we can't resell those donated goods in order to fund our mission good will close their DC area retail stores back in March but kept accepting donations at eighteen locations Hurley who says they've been trying to hand off the excess inventories other goodwill partners in West Virginia North Carolina and parts of New England and says donations will be halted indefinitely can Duffy WTOP news sports at fifteen and forty five powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white thing correct let's check in with George Walder twenty twenty schedule has.

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