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A a tweet from some what was it the clippers or no i think it was the golden state warriors draymond green and a couple other tea of his teammates a basically started comparing bob mcnair the donald's thoroughly na na rayo exactly there are the pie so they're everybody joy is is the big all of will in the lurd is sir garretta now it to your point about not knowing the a tip of bobbing there how unfair ikea what israel what what are you won't can you read meets right now that you can find us here because we have already all donald sterling are you kidding me great green i don't disagree embraked look in a g to your point about knowing the 10 intent a bob mcnair i don't think this was his intent but it is what he said and he subsequently has apologize and that's a good thing in fact i think to necessary i think that even in the moment and i'm only knowing i'm only i'm trying to recollect what happened because this is all happened so quickly we're parented preparing talk about the miami dolphins in a bad of a dirty of a player in down the consumer is but i think that bob mcnair almost immediately after he said this went to choi vincent who has is is is high up in the nfl and apologized and said this is not what i met but the story still came out from a wicker share from the from espn and when that story came out eight garnered a reaction from the houston texans players which is now making the story grow and grow and grow even if it was diffused in the moment the story is still growing a few days this is wwe i just checked draymond green to count and kevin durant in and i didn't say it was old you'll pin stuff it was instagram okay i'm gonna have you read it in the second see this is.

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