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The american teenage experience through the decades and colin put together this list not a best of lists but just a a list of a bunch of movies that have dealt with the teenage experience and and and we're talking a little bit about some of the ones that he put down here and he's got one of my favorites one of my favorites of all time is a movie called over the edge and this was this is matt dillon's first movie my bodyguard was his second the first movie was over the edge over the edge is about a community of teenagers in this newly built suburb with cul de sacs and there's really nothing to do it's just a bunch of new buildings and new condos and stuff and these teenagers have you know turn to movie came out in nineteen seventy eight seventy nine seventy nine early seventy nine and they turned to drugs and drinking and criminal activities and then they closed the rec center down like the only place that these kids have to go the only place that they can spend time without being in the generic sort of condos of the of the world and adults and stuff in school is this rec center and then they closed down so the kids rebel and they've been doing really bad things and crime and stuff and so they have an emergency pta meeting at the high school all of the adults all of the parents all gathered together in the gymnasium and then the kids locked them in the school they they they changed them into the school they lock all the doors they lock all the ugly into school and then they just start burning cars and stuff and they have a riot outside it is a tremendous movie a really really well made movie a very well acted movie with one of the best soundtracks of all time it's like nineteen seventy nine and it's all absolute classic rock and it's got it's got three songs by well first of all it's got three songs by cheap trick i'm soundtracks direct there that's.

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