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The british museum has just opened a huge show looking at niro. The roman emperor who came to the throne as a sixteen year old fifty four ce and died a violent death at thirty after if you believe the sources killing his mother and two of his wives singing and playing his liars. Rome burned around him in the great fire. Sixty four ce which gave rise to the phrase fiddling while rome burns and then beginning the persecution of christians the shows could narrow the man behind the myth and is an attempt to grapple with the realities of near his time and the legend that was constructed about this last emperor of the judea claudia dynasty by historians amid the dynasty that followed the flavian. I spoke to mary be at the broadcaster and author professor of classics at cambridge university and fellow of newnham college and classics editor of the times literary supplement about niro and the exhibition. Mary the first object that we see when we go into the british museum is a portrait bust of nero which only a tiny fragment is from the ancient bust and the rest is a construction much later and it seems to me. This is a really emblematic. Object it when we're telling the story of niro was in terms of how on earth can we tell the story of this man yeah. I think there's two things you see when you go into the show. I start hugh of supposedly niro as a teenager narrows twelve thirteen..

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