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It's the of thought that is neutral criminal justice system despite unprecedented attacks we press on. I said Garda's lawsuit cites data data from the State Attorney General showing African Americans in Missouri are subject to to nearly twice as many traffic stops in arrest as white several races. Social media posts allegedly made Missouri. Police officers are also listened to complain in one. A former police division officer allegedly posted a photograph of of on facebook of an African American police officers standing with two African American demonstrators calling the officer. Captain Hug a thug in a disgrace to the a uniform. Not exactly sure what's racist inherently about that. But that's what they wrote in another lieutenant is is accused of posting. I'm not sure what the Hell is going on in our country. These days are Joe by in authentic Mexican restaurant in town and there are white guys putting on a new roof cutting the grass and doing landscaping manscaping. So I guess white people can't do can't put on roofs cut grass and do landscaping. I guess that's something that's only for Mexican people right. We regulate into certain industries. And that's all you can do for ticketless in another facebook post in Missouri USA wrote according to the lawsuit officer offered to sell L. T. shirt emblazoned with the word. Black lives splatter because blue lives matter. These police officers doing this allegedly the lawsuit also alleges that Saint Louis Police Officers Association has gone out of its way to support. White officers. Accused of perpetrating acts of violence in excessive force against African American citizens including the twenty fourteen shooting of Michael Brown. Additionally the Saint Louis a police officer association paid the bail. Jason Stockley await officer shot and killed African American Motorists Anthony Lamar Smith in twenty eleven according to the lawsuit now now if the that same S. L. P. O.. Egg Saint Saint. Louis Police Officers Association does not pay for the bail of a black officer who's accused of Of shooting someone then they Iran clearly. They are on Garner who sought to launch several police reforms a cooling improving investigations of policemen conduct in Saint Louis received threatening letters to our office that were filled was racial invective in some of the letters Garner was called racial. Slurs and various sexist expletives so that's a little bit what's going on you can read on that. ABC News So. I thought it was very interesting that she chose this eighteen. Seventy one and act. The Ku Klux Klan acknowledge not very familiar with that amount of a lawyer and attorney but just reading a little bit about you know Different various website. Apparently this was a law that was enacted to help to enforce the reconstruction efforts mostly in South Carolina but across the board after the civil war reconstruction goes on black. People are being voted into office. Black people are allowed to vote to becoming normalized naturalized citizens in able to express all of their rights right so they had to pass these laws thirteenth Fourteenth Fifteenth Amendment to the Constitution and. What are the laws that helped to enforce? This was this Ku Klux Klan Act which helped to break up the Ku Klux Klan? In any the group that would seek as a group of people with interest in supporting and maintaining white supremacy. So that is essentially what Miss Gardner is a sewing them under. Is that this group right. The Saint Louis Police Association and the city. Her allegations are is that they are seeking in banded together under the white supremacy in order to thwart the efforts of This one black citizen who has the right to WHO's essentially going to impact lies and many other black citizens right every person who under color of statue ordinance regulation custom or usage of any state of territory district of Columbia subjects subjects or causes to be subjected any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to be to the deprivation of any rights privileges or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws. Saab you're liable to the party injured in an action a law suit in equity or any other proper proceeding for redress right so a lot of that is a lot of legal ease. I don't really understand a lot of it. But this is what Miss Connor seeking to do. So I hope the justice prevails and if if it is true that the Right this is only one side door will getting one side of the story and show that the facts will be born out in court but if this is true than You know I hope that. Justice comes for Miss Gardner in for all these other states attorneys district attorney's across the nation who are feeling the brunt of this right. They're from California to Baltimore Down to Florida from two Massachusetts many of these states attorneys feel as if their their efforts towards criminal justice reform of being ordered By those who have a vested interest in keeping the status quo a sad part an sad reality about law enforcement is is that what is it is an institution is a system and unfortunately that system needs to feed upon people. What I what I mean by that prison systems as the union had been supportive of the continued criminalization of marijuana and other drugs? Now you have to think about why these unions would stand behind some kind of policy. He liked that while the more people would because obviously more people need to be arrested so that these people can be housing and car serrated as so therefore the prison officials can continue to have their jobs. Same thing with law enforcement right if you if you stop criminalizing and decriminalize marijuana and other drugs stop prosecuting people for simple possession. Then the arrests go now and therefore what are the police going to do right so this is a this is unfortunately a vicious cycle that that Ms Garner is this is seeking to stop this over criminals. Ation of people minority communities poor people and so a lot of police as officers are fighting back against that because okay if not arresting people for drugs than what are we doing all day right. Why how can we justify numbers? How can we justify our salary? So you want in someone. I hope. That justice prevailed and hope that the truth comes out for her. And how did it sets a precedent for all those prosecutors and other counties talked talked about traffic stops. Some of the things that Miss Gardner was looking into in Saint Louis nother story the cubs from Chicago is the ACLU is asking why minorities are still pull roll over much more than whites right so something that the ACLU is looking into from. The Chicago. Tribune The American Civil Liberties Liberties Union is asking why minorities still pull over much more often than whites. Despite court order reform by City Hall driver's color continued to be stopped at higher percentages. Tis Vander estimated local driving population and they are asked to consent to search more frequently with less. Contraband found Dan. Dan White drivers they were roughly. There were roughly four hundred. Ninety thousand traffic stops Chicago streets last year. More than two hundred thousand Isan than the previous year. According to the data from Illinois Department transportation it was the third consecutive year sharp increases about eighty six percent four hundred twenty one thousand involved minority motorists of those three hundred thousand. Were black that sixty one percent of the total number of people stopped in Chicago Twenty eighteen and even though African Americans are about thirty one percent of the city's two point seven million population near sixty eight thousand and stops involved the white motorists. There is a story. Worry here. Let me give the other side of the of the equations we can understand this Many times in we had to look at this. Are African Americans committing more traffic violations nations. That question has to be asked are recommending more traffic violations. I know that when we had a study in Connecticut concerning the same think I think in my own home city we were found to be stopping. African Americans more unfortunately a lot of times. Here's what's happened Take this for what it's worth and it's the honest to goodness truth. I think that you know by not going to give you some. Bs is that officers are often targeting targeting areas in neighborhoods. Where crime is is happening? It's just a fact it's just the fact that we want that right if there's shootings and gang activity in certain neighborhoods we need to target those neighborhoods in if we can stop op people if we can perform these type of motor vehicle stops and Get people to understand that there is a police presence then that that only worsened in in the favor right and it helps to bring on shootings and everything like that. It's only one of the tactics that can that is used to address a crime in certain neighborhoods and. That's one of the tactics tactic so we had to be very careful about when we asking law enforcement not to stop certain people because they are black and many times. And I'm going to ask you to do this as as you listen to this. Drive down the street and tried to tell What the race is of the person in front of you right Many times you can't you cannot tell many times you cannot tell the race. The person WHO's driving in front of you then people have tend to Windows nowadays and you cannot see into the windows In so many times you don't know but a person who's in front of you. Who runs a stop sign? Who Refuses to who speeds up at the Yellow Line tries to beat that light? That red light Many times you don't know what that rid the races. So that person in so the first thing I'm going to ask is what is the race. What is who is committing more of these types of infractions? Right first thing black I people have to do is stop committing more infraction. I don't know the numbers and Statistics Chicago. But I do know that when we were. We were approached a concerning turning these types of measures that we were able to justify the fact. That what we're doing when we gave the information as to where the crimes were happening where shootings were happening. Where are street-level robberies? Were happening and then we showed that our our enforcement actions and activities were geared towards those particular neighborhoods in those particular areas and so therefore for once again. We were stopping people who are committing infractions. motor-vehicle stops in those areas. And that's what we were doing so that may be exactly. Actually what Chicago was doing. If that is what's going on then I give them my whole heart in full support in what they're doing in that needs to be understood by people right so just because you gotta be very careful when you look at numbers and statistics because there may be reasons behind this. I'm not saying not to look into I'm not saying that the ACLU and other watch groups now look into these matters but there may be a justification for it right there may be a justification for what's going on so you can read more about that and the a Chicago Tribune namely articles as traffic stops by Chicago. POLICE SPIKE ACU ask. Why minorities are still pulled all over much more than whites sticking with Chicago just for a minute here? This was a story I think from December but I'll mention it again here again is that they the new interim police chief that they have has decreased the or eliminated the merit system for promotions things. And I think that that's very key when we talk about police corruption when we talk about why police officers playing drugs on people while they are selling drugs and trying to boost up their numbers burson trying to increase their arrests. What the question is why a lot of times they doing that? Well the merit system is essentially. Someone's going up for promotion if Chicago has some type of A testing process I e a written test in on maybe some type of oral board presentation Then maybe another component of the testing process is merit test right. So how many arrests do you get..

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