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Radio. Hey, I used to work for the bus. They never gave me one of those. I was a retiree. Officially a retiree. Oh, I see. I have a retiree. You have to be a retired, distinct boy. Gotcha. Might be a little late for me. I've been one for long long. How long did you work for them? Mm. Well, it was cap cities, and there was cap cities ABC, and then it was same route for making this thing. Probably What, dear Two. Distinct by. Do you recall what your Disney took office He took over ABC. 96 96. Well, let's see that that's about the time I was leaving. I was there for maybe Less than a year problem. Cap City's bought ABC and 86. Disney bought us in 96 go. Okay. I was there for all of that. You have a better memory than I do. 6 25. Is there working for 6 25 year in Houston's Morning news, all right. Never the secession talk this week. Succession we need to. We need to go back to being the Republic of Texas. Representing Carl Biederman. Putting out that piece of legislation. He wants it on the ballot this November, so Texans convert on it right. Had him on. This is not a law is not a bill is it? It's just a resolution for Texas to be able to vote. Reality is that the Texans feel about it exactly right. Well in I had him on the afternoon show you stay in KPRC to tell us What? What do you think in here? You really talking secession or you just trying to really send a message. Is really not about succession, as must sit as it's about the people's voice being heard that they're unhappy and they've got grievances with our federal government. And these agreements has never seen to be heard. And unless we have a vote of the people and basically forced or threatened the state of Texas, as well as the federal government to listen I don't see things changing in this country, and as you know, people are set up with what's been happening and what's about to happen so that it was about it's really It's really about giving the people a chance to, um to vote on whether they want to re assert their authority or their ability. Seo have Texas as a free nation, I predicted course it'll end up right next door to my daylight saving time Bill killed in committee somewhere but understand what it is he's trying to do and I support him in it. It's about sending a message at this point. When did the people's voice matter, you know, And when you've got so many millions who believe that their vote was not was not heard, that's that's a problem too. Well, if anybody's going to send the message is gonna be Texas. You know, we we are that we are the nation's Alamo. At this point, you think Will say 6 27 time to take a look at your money. Courtney Don ho, standing by the Phyllis in on the Wall Street.

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