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And now they have or now they are now they're beginning to in that makes this moment a really interesting time to think about barbie john what he thinks happen recently that's put the pen masters more in the forefront a thing that america has woken up to can of its vernecular foods those foods born of place and people and grounded in tradition i think america has a can of cultural hunger for those foods today and i think that has brought barbecue to the fore and and i think there's also a younger generation of pit masters who've can of stepped into the smoke who now know how to talk about barbecue in new sorts of ways and are able to frame their work in their labor in ways that are relatable four kind of modern media audiences to think about rodney scott who got his start and hemingway south carolina recentlyopened his own place call rodney scott barbecue in charleston south carolina and one of the first times that a cameras turned on rodney is he begins to rise in import in the second half of the first decades of the twentieth century rodney says you know i'm kinda like a chef a chef goes out in his or her garden in picks out a tomato in brings it back to the kitchen and i do something very similar asked up out in the woods in a pick out mon tree and a chop it down and bring it back and i make barbecue in.

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