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Proud and honored to have you as part of our bear family our coach reading coach Peterson the best boy I guess I'm just a drop in the capability twenty four hour traffic thanks Dustin let's take a look at the forecast sponsored by Nolan painting CBS threes mac users will be a cloudy Wednesday afternoon high temperatures a much cooler than they have been through the last few days were only going to top out right around forty three degrees on this Wednesday the rain will become of redeveloping through the overnight hours tonight temperatures here in the city right around thirty eight could watch for a limit of freezing rain though to develop north of the city to the Lehigh Valley and the Poconos overall looks like rain will overtake the whole region on Thursday as high temperatures climb up to fifty five degrees the rain will then wrap up early in the day on Friday right now forty three and cloudy will get down to thirty Yemen known from the we paint your home it's gonna be a great experience and that's a sure thing in fact we're not happy unless you're happy that's a NO one painting promise and we've been keeping that promise for over forty years no one painting dot com putting home the neighborhood since nineteen seventy nine a check of Wall Street sponsored by crest for for term a dot com where you can listen live transfer for time and channel every Saturday eleven AM on Sunday at one PM alpha delta four hundred nineteen and a half points as of the thirty one points S. and P. five hundred and thirty two listen anytime anywhere get the radio dot com and that K. Y. W. to your favorites in Camden County getting rid of weight the US astronaut who set a record in.

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