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On the VW park where you're not going to see too much trouble but if you're trying to get onto the BW Parkway from the outer loop of the beltway you may see a little bit of a headache here This is what's going on It looks like the far right lane is currently blocked and on your approach there It looks like the deceleration lane is also affected so more than likely where you're going to have to do is stay towards the center and then if you're trying to access the Baltimore Washington Parkway ramp you're going to have to zigzag to the left and then back over to the right to access that ramp Take it slow and do be courteous to others Headed northbound on the VW Parkway It looks like there may be an accident scene just after the Riverdale or rather the two O two exit pretty slow headed past that point there no camera in that area So if you happen to see this accident scene and can get me that information safely one 8 6 6 three O four WTO P is the traffic tip line I two 70 northbound looks like the crash that we were dealing with there just north of montrose road has cleared no longer seeing any issues as you could continue northbound towards the three 70 ramps I continue up towards Frederick No issue southbound either The east bound to crash we had on I 70 near 15 has cleared as well no longer seeing any delays there Down in Virginia the northbound ramp that takes you from the GW Parkway onto the outer loop of the beltway is still dealing with what looks to be at work zone follow any direction in the area you should only have a single lane available to you Can't find the new car you're looking for well try a fits way used card next to a new car a fits way car is best because it fits small dot com for a reliable pre owned vehicles you can trust That's the Fitz way Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Doug camera It is a cold overnight period right now We're going to see that right on through the morning hours cold temperatures right on through the day on Monday with highs.

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