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Me back. Watch it you can see bells face getting ready. There were there. Were definitely your tears. Flowing down there is like we could barely got it together and i it was it was it was i i was. It was very difficult for us to keep it together. There was a lot of improvising going on the confidence genius. That is very. That's unbelievable concept. Was i even believe it was bhai are amazing producer suzanne. Todd pitched the concept and the and the fellas wrote something down and then we were able to take it and run but like the idea was genius. I'm with you so funny. Oh my god and just only sweet face just taking it. My god so that was twenty six. Th two thousand seventeen was flower. You and so deutsche which i thought was another under under appreciated want but okay so this one i believe rightly is one of your most. You know kind of prizes ones which is private life in two eighteen. Which was wasn't is on netflix. And for tamra jenkins who had not made a movie in eleven years going back to the savages which also great so now. She finally is getting her next project. Together she runs it by you and it was important enough to you. There was something about it that connected with you enough that you were gonna go fly to across the country and back in one night to go and pursue this part. Yeah it was camera jenkins like like you said. She doesn't make movies that often. Her writing is is so extraordinary. And like there's nobody. I there's so few people that that have such emotional integrity when it comes to seen building like i was to be in a two hander. With with her at the helm. I i flew myself there. We split a bottle of wine and some secratary. Odori wine was build. I think i don't even think we talked about the movie. And then i knew flew back home. And i just you know manifested manifested manifested. She came to l. a. We walked around the reservoir and And then it just happened and all of a sudden giamatti was doing it who is another fellow yearly weirdly but he was the best and kaley carter. That was i really treasure. That experience also is one of the another one of those. That's like i will forever hold that to my heart. That experience is something that was like alchemy shifting for me as a performer. And as a person. I love that piece of filmmaking so much it's terrific and very powerful and just in case anyone doesn't know this is about a couple struggling to conceive a child and kind of has a surrogate child show up in the meantime in great. We talk a bit about mrs fletcher. I don't know if there's anything you'd want to add about. I know you were a producer on that as well and i think you've been doing more producing lately. Is that something that just gives you more creative control. Or what's the of producing something like mrs fletcher. Well i think it started for me with with. I love dick where it was like not at the beginning but it kind of was accumulative and i kind of turned around and said i think maybe an everybody agreed And same thing with mrs fletcher was just like it was just became very clear that my finger my mitts were in all the areas and so just became the right thing and so it's just when it's right and it makes sense one. It's fair and when. I'm doing that kind of work. Of course all right so the main course we are up to agnes the nosy neighbor of wanda envision in one division which has been just a phenomenon for disney plus. I think it was satiated. The appetites of marvel fans who were starved during the pandemic they had they were supposed to have had black widow all kinds of things that got put off and so the first new marvel content after over a i think at least about a year. Was you guys rolling out with this. Which i enjoy marvel movies and stuff but i have never been as into something. They've done as this. Because i think it's it's it's plays on so many different levels and the fact that the to the sitcom eras are so smart and well done and all of it So i guess just to begin with you had sort of been i guess part of that universe with spiderman into the spider verse. But how does it come about that. You're now going to be alive full character in one of their projects. I know i mean talk about like not knowing what the future's going to hold. I had walked my managers set up a general over there. And i guess with these generals you could never hear from them again or could be something three years down the line or at number no so. It was just a random general with lou and mary lou and d'esposito mary levinas and they at the end of it. They walk me down the hall and they said oh. I think you know matt chapman. I think you guys people in common and my husband had worked with him. He used to run a theater. Company called the black dahlia in los angeles and. He told me that he was he. Was you know directing the series for disney plus. That's it and then the next day or the day. After i mean it was like right on the heels..

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