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And that's why for me. It's frustrating that at this stage in the pandemic. You still have voices arguing a well. Now we've kind of we might split. Just let infection us to a population. But we've actually got so much more in a arsenal of combating infection than near the start depending. It seems extra pointless to make an argument like that to me. So i know that you have looked at st place tea and it talked about the that you see so wondered could be pickup quick tour through india in different states so go. Compilation are up. North there there The in states. So what did he see there. What has what were the policies. What would thanks. What do we know one. One thing about some states in india including the position behind is that actually the data is more limited so for example behind we have some mortality data It's not the highest quality but it's reasonable it's It tells us that there was a major surge in the state in mortality. It tells us that. Probably the number of people who have died is roughly as we would expect given the level of spread in the state which has been high. So it's a young stay behind so we would expect somewhat lower mortality than saying the southern states which tend to be older demographically but in behind there has been a surge mortality. We have some data from what the traditions well obtained by a what's called an audience is right to information kind of Request was manton someday. Tame but the data is of very poor quality it shows it appears to show again a major surgeon mortality during the pandemic. But i personally haven't felt comfortable actually using that data because there are major discrepancies with historical data. And what we find in official reports from say twenty nine thousand nine hundred so i kind of haven't felt comfortable using that but my suspicion is that you've probably had very high levels of mortality..

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