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If you're fascinated by the history of cold war like we are then your luck next week. We're staying behind the iron curtain. But this time we're going to east germany or even the berlin wall was not enough to keep levi's jeans out of the country to people that they had the commercials. Where exactly the way we wanted to be and they were where we want to be saw. The easiest way to be a little bit of this american clooney's were to wear levis and check it out. The american national exhibition in moscow makes a return appearance. Special things this week to. Dave wyman that sarah's grandfather. He told us to look into the story a couple of months ago. Thanks also to david. Woodruff clermont darris tyler murphy. At insider the family of roger enrico and the folks at the foreign policy association kindly allowed us to use portions of don kindle you also heard news coverage from the ap british pathy an abc news. This episode was reported and produced by sarah wyman. Julia press and me. charlie herman. Sound design is by bill moss. Music is from audio network. John laura and casey holford composed our theme. Our editor is michaela. Bligh dan bobkov is the podfather. Sarah wyman is our producer brought to you by his a production of insider. This episode was brought to you by mastercard to learn more visit mastercard dot us slash digital doors..

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