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The city. I'm Lisa Dent on 7 20 w g N for Anna Duplantis. I'll be in tomorrow from 1 to 4 as well, Um, we've got to talk about the Duncan Keith thing. Kevin Powell in our sports department is with me. But, Kevin, I know you are an avid golfer. Um So did you watch the American century championship yesterday? I watched a little bit of it. Yes. Where you locked into it? Yes. I don't even know why, but because I was seeing some familiar faces. You know, a lot of the Bears were playing. I mean, Brian Urlacher, Robbie Gold. Matt Nagy, Kyle Fuller, Jim McMahon, Doug Flutie. I didn't see any of them. All I saw was Vinny del Negro. That was because he was the leader. I didn't know if Vinny Del Negro was such a great golfer. I know John Smaltz has been around Tony Romo. Those are guys names you see, and kind of here around the golf circuit as well. Steph Curry was out there. Mike McDonnell, longtime hockey player, Um Yeah, it's always It's a star studded event. For sure. I mean, there are a lot of, uh, celebrity outings. This one actually draws a huge celebrity crowd. Justin Timberlake was out there. Roger Clemens, Jerry Rice. So all the big sports names were together points in golf and out of all the Chicago names. I mean, Vinny Del Negro. Want it but out of the Bears, I guess Robbie Gold shot the best round. So what did you shoot this weekend? I'm sure you got in around. I did get it around Saturday. Would you finished just in time, with little bit of rain falling out in the suburbs, But we did get a full 18. It was supposed to play yesterday morning, but That was a washout. So at least got one round in. So I was happy with that. Okay, Let's talk about Dunkin Keith. You know, I get very attached to people, especially if it's somebody that plays for the Hawks or the bowls or the or the Bears. And and then I. I feel really sad when when they're traded off or they're gone, or they choose to leave. Yeah. So the reports are that Duncan Keith is headed to the Edmondson Oilers for defenseman Caleb Jones and a third round pick, also a major part of the deal. It is being reported that the Walkin Consume, can will take on all of Duncan Keith salary, so that does give them some much needed salary cap flexibility heading into this off season. It's not an official deal yet. We haven't got anything from the Hawks, but It seems like it's just about a done deal. Duncan Keith to the Edmonton Oilers, But yet to your point, I mean, you think about that core of Tase Kane, who still remain with Corey Crawford. No longer with the team. Brent Seabrook stepping away from hockey now, Duncan Keith Marion Hossa, so really, just have that core of the three Stanley Cups. Just the to remain in cane and tapes, But, yeah, I don't think we can overstate how great of a player Duncan Keith was He still, I think plays at a good level high level. Certainly not dead his elite level when he was winning Norris Trophies. Um when you know you look back at some of those years during those that Stanley Cup run what Duncan keep meant to that team, but just a complete hockey player. He's a complete shutdown Defenseman. Everything you would want in a defenseman, one of the best Blackhawks players ever. But you know, it's great. He's one of those guys. Much like Greg Olsen was for the Bears or Robbie Gold, who have foundations based in Chicago that raise a lot of money. And for him, you know, I always loved is is Keith relief at Joe's Bar, and I think it's raised like Recorders of a million dollars for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicago land and I'm sure he'll take that to the next town that he's in. But I think that builds a fan base that goes beyond sports where people are very thankful for what some of these athletes do in our community to Benefit our community and all of us who live in it for sure. And you know when you have that platform here and how crazy sports obsessed we are in Chicago, and, you know, they think once they understand you see, like the work when Anthony Rizzo does and things like that A lot of these guys do and I'll contribute. So when you do have that platform and you do have an audience and a fan base that's going to be on board with pretty much anything you're doing. As well take advantage of it. So yeah, for sure, Duncan Keith, But, you know, we knew at some point this this incredible run the Blackhawks, head from the core would slowly come to an end Duncan Keith's 37 years old, It's the direction that I think a lot of us are have kind of seen with the Blackhawks. And when Stan Bowman is doing with the roster turnover, they were going to have to go this route eventually, but Getting younger was key. Obviously so, so moving on from Duncan Keith. Um not not a major surprise, considering the direction of the team, But yeah, I mean, Just an absolute legend here in Chicago Sports. And with the Blackhawks. Yes. So, thanks to Duncan for all He's done home Run Derby tomorrow night. I know tonight tonight. Yeah. Who wins? Who do you think wins? Shohei Otani is the betting favorite? He's the leader in baseball. He's the two way sensation with the Angels. He pitches. And he hits a lot of home run, so he's actually gonna start on the mound for the American League, and he's going to D. H and he's going to lead off. So, um, that'll be fun to see him in the All Star Game tomorrow night, but the home run Derby. It's an eight player brackets they do now and they're timed rounds and it's three rounds. So, um Thani's The betting favorite. I'm going to go with Juan Soto of the Washington Nationals. That's my pick for you. Okay, I'll hold that to you tomorrow. Okay? Um, And so I don't know if this is actually considered a sport, but I wanted to talk to somebody about it. So you're my guy, Kevin Powell. Um, professional tag. Have you ever watched that on T V? I have not watched it on TV. No, it is the craziest thing. Anyone listening. Watch this because Somebody turned me onto it, and it is literally it's like it's like one room with lots of obstacles, and the whole point of the sport is to tag the other guy, and it is the most intense, crazy thing you have ever seen. And these athletes are so agile. It's just it's inexplicable. You need to check it out. It's a step up from your basic playground tag. When we were growing up. It is called professional tag for a reason. You can't even believe you care to believe in it. There's actually skill and there's a method to winning. And yes, of course, it was one of my nephews that said, You have to watch this and I'm like, is that even a thing and it is and it's Pretty much something everybody needs to. You know what I think? I've seen highlights of this where it's almost like, not an obstacle course. But as you said, it's kind of just there's things that they have to jump over and run down and run around. Yeah, yeah, yeah, it almost looks like a skateboard park or something, You know, But the competition is on. We should play a professional, uh, tag game here at the radio station, and I'll just run around this afternoon. We'll select one person to begin my money's I'm Mary van develop. She was. She's always walking around the station anyway. So can cream. You guys lay of the land here, Okay..

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