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An effort to amend the city's charter to establish a Citizen Review board a monitor the Columbus Police Department. If approved, mayor in together, says aboard will not have funding taken away by future city leadership. The proposed charter amendment ensures that there will be sufficient funding to stop the board. And ensure effective operations unless there's an unforeseen financial crisis citywide budget cuts. The effort will be before voters this November and would give the board subpoena powers have the local level pieces. He is willing to cooperate with the mayor on reforms within the police Department, F O P. Capital, Lodge President Keith Farrell says earlier comments at the union's not willing to have discussions is not true. No one's invited them to have a conversation. We ran together has been critical of the F O P, calling them obstructionist while claiming they refused to be part of the solution on police reform, a new ABC News Washington Post poll finds a record number of Americans support the Black lives matter movement. The poll found that 55% of people say black members in their community experience racial discrimination, up from a low of 37% in 2012. Among whites. That number is now 52% whereas it was just 33% 8 years ago. A record number of Americans say blacks are treated unfairly in the justice system, now 69% but are divided on what to do about it. For example, only 40% are in favor of reducing police funding, while 55% oppose. Mark Malard ABC News Columbus Education Association wants the upcoming at school year to start with all virtual learning. CEO President John Connect, Leo tells ABC six enforcing social distancing and sanitizing in the classroom will make it harder to actually learn these recommendations in a perfect world, and we know that anybody that spent any time in school knows that Things aren't perfect union will be hashing out new agreements in their contract beginning Tuesday, wants to make sure teachers who are fearful of their health or not forced to go back. CCS previously indicated they would consider going all virtual to start the school year. A new study says Older kids over the age of 10 spread Corona virus at a higher rate than younger ones. A new study out of South Korea published by the CDC. Finding Children 10 and older are more likely to spread Corona virus, then Children under the age of 10. Well at this point in time, any study we have to look at? Because this is this is only a seven month old virus. You're learning a lot. Dr. Mobin Rathore is an epidemiologist with the Florida chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, he says. There's a lot of speculation as to why older kids are more likely to spread the virus. It may be a simple as size. Think bigger kid. Bigger cough bigger spread. That's Laura Greenberg of Fox TV affiliate Wofl in Orlando reporting. Joe Biden's is Four black women are on his list of potential running mates, he told MSNBC. It's important his administration look like the country. He didn't drop any names with, says four candidates have invented so far, he says. When that's done, he'll narrow his picks and talk to them personally. Radio 6 10 w TVN Sports Bronze Bangles Rookies due to report to training camp. Maia's NFL teams get started Lead me while offering the Players Association proposal to play no preseason games this year and for safety measures to have daily covert 19 testing for the 1st 2 weeks of Camp. Blue Jackets continue training camp. They'll change it up and have a simulated game tonight at seven o'clock the crew tonight back at it facing Atlanta in the MLS, his back tournament, eight o'clock on ESPN to from the central Iowa Honda Dealer..

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