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He said this again. I i need more information but brian micheals ain't no but he now saying he ain't nobody. He's a really big really big. Industry great songwriter hits grammy winner everything he is really a staple in the music industry. You know what i mean so i don't think he will i. It hasn't really gone on to hang out. He's lying but i'm saying that the story that he brought to the table. There's some there's some parts well. It just takes for germane to pre to actually say some now. He's lasted. I need statement from jamaica free so as the star developed would definitely be talking about it. We're gonna how right into the next topic topic jesse soi jesse j._c. bag. He's still in chicago just see. I don't like <hes> jesse jesse jesse so basically i'm a legal documents in the chicago k. small let or jesse jesse jesse jesse in five hundred thousand dollars for a variety of just cost linked to the investigation based okay so what is originally happened is the city of chicago was suing him for the investigation <hes> fees at the time. Basically they basically never wasting their time wasting in their resources. They were suing him for three hundred ninety. Thousand dollars covered the police overtime and the legal bills that went into the investigation. He is counter at at that of course this is after he was acquitted. Will the case was dropped. It was like sixteen felony charges that he was facing dropped all the charges now. He's coming back. Can he's actually suing chicago <hes> for five hundred thousand again for just a variety of charges and losses on his part <hes> <hes>. I feel about that so i don't it says right here federal judge hearing this by <hes> w._g._n. Nine in the says <hes> federal judge edgy hearing this is the city of chicago lawsuit against jesse smallest says she a rule on the actors requested hosue in october ten minutes status hearing tuesday. Who's a was the first since the civil case was moved to federal court from the state court. The former empire actor didn't attend a hearing chicago as the city accused smaller ah facing racist and anti gay attack against himself back in january <hes> and so the defense motion to the to dismiss earlier this month caused to they bid a <hes> to recall caused a perverse tactics since charges were dismissed <hes> they maintain their taxes. Real of the next hearing is not into october twenty second so need them for the n._b._a. Jesse she started in january and don't you bring this into this new year jesse in two thousand twenty fresh start the new year new me nowadays checks are not stopping. His music who we are is kinda coming back especially he's doing. He's multiple shows and appearances. I'm now so he's still getting his money checks but you know the fox jokes..

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