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That's mostly. It's mostly <hes> tires. It's mostly tired dustin that ends up in and the ocean when it rains it goes down in the gutters. It goes down in the streams <hes> ends up in in in our oceans and <hes> the the bad thing about plastics the really bad thing about plastics they mimic estrogen and so what we're starting to see from the food chain goes up the microorganisms organisms that are eating plastic the mistakenly consume it for something that they think is food and then it goes up the food chain it. We're starting to see fish that are hermaphrodites that there's more and more of female officiant less and less male fish and the i i don't have apt to paint a picture of what that that future of the ocean could look like because because of these micro-plastics a recent study to just found a very very strong association between high levels of estrogen in the first trimester and autism so it's affecting human brains as well. I wanted to be with you on ocean plastic. I've been thinking about this last year. I helped to fund <hes> one of the x prizes that they're creating around carbon capture to pull carbon <unk> out of the air and do something useful with it. One of the things might actually be you know to to make building blocks or something like that but i've been thinking about the ocean plastic thing and you look at harm minimization and i'm an packer engineering guy it seems to me that i would rather burn plastic and then capture the toxic fumes because we can scrub smoke really effectively sweden figured out how to do that in cartoon coal plants long time ago so what if you had a barge out there in the middle of the jar just picking up the plastic burning it. Maybe you know generating some excess if you really want to do but who needs electrician though the ocean literally just dumping the heat into the ocean because the microparticles won't form if you just burn it all and yes you'll get carbon in the air if you wanted to you could use all electricity to.

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