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Be yourself. I'm Jason with lot. That's my cell is Wadi that do coming up. We'll tell you teams should be worried about those negative reports about Cuyler Murray. Got another installment of the EMMY award winning that do not Bennett where we start every day with a Whitlam's hit him marika's, most popular television. So set in the side major roles for women. No, I'm not talking about HBO's game of thrones. It's actually the trail blazer emplacing female roles on equal footing with men. I put together a persuasive argument the game of thrones heroines Dinares tar, Gary in Searcy Lancaster's Sansa stark you start and bring of tar are the reason the most popular television show on five different networks is desperately trying to Finland is. It's cast. I'm talking about the NFL. It's just a TV show. No different from game of thrones. And the NF. Fell once you. Yes, you young lady the woman smart enough and bold enough to watch this sports talk show built around discussing football days before the scouting combine. In indianapolis. The NFL hosted the third annual women's careers and football form the allegedly toxically masculine league invited forty two carefully selected women to spend two days networking within decision-makers. According to the website, the football grow dot com. Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians announced at the form that he would create a full time coaching position for women on his staff right now only the San Francisco forty Niners have full-time female coach Katie sours who is in her third season as an NFL assistant. Let me make this prediction within the next twenty years..

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