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Good we'll talk to movie guy coming up but now traffic guy rob what's going on that Star Wars movie is great for me to pull your is with the new traffic again if you've never seen the better the dogs pledge lie yeah and so is right on point diesel areas from the U. C. L. traffic center you see health and science lives hold well they've cleared that accident south seventy one approaching Montgomery road but the damage has been done traffic is backed up toward field journal now you're also heavy northbound back to just check in that to give you the latest right now south of Kenwood still but it looks like that is improving so we will keep our eyelids have your back toward two seventy five in field journal then it is once you get closer to Montgomery road there's a broken down south seventy five approaching shepherd lane it's got to have you back to share in road accidents north seventy five that hobble nor seventy five at Kyle's south for seventy one it's after you get across the across the big mac there's an accident on Colerain near Rayburn and a water main break in Maine bill has route forty eight close between willow pond and route forty two and fire crews on the scene of that blaze in the silver okay states on garden hill lane which is off Wynton ridge lane I'm rob Williams news radio seven hundred WLW the forecast from the seven hundred WLW weather center for tonight rain thirty eight for tomorrow morning rain clouds otherwise.

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