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Even if teachers haven't been vaccinated. There is increasing data to suggest that schools can safely re open and that that's a free opening does not Suggest that teachers need to be vaccinated. The mayor of San Francisco sue the school board for keeping schools closed because teachers are insisting on being vaccinated before returning. I am the elected leader of the city, and I'm not going to stand by while our Children and our families continue to suffer with no end in sight. President Biden is signaling he is open to changes in his co bid recovery plan, suggesting the proposed $1400 direct payments to Americans could be sent on Lee to those with lower incomes. House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy says Democrats are being unfair with a plan to strip Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green of her committee assignments over her embracing Cuban on and other debunked because Conspiracy theories. She came inside our conference and announce them as well. She said She was wrong. She has reached out in other ways and forms and nothing that she said has been based upon Since she's been a member of Congress, a 95 year old nursing home residents being held on suspicion of murder for shooting in Lafayette, Colorado. The man had accused a worker at the facility of owing him money and then fatally shooting the worker, the white, former police officer in Columbus, Ohio, who fatally shot 47 year old Andre Hill. Black man holding a cell phone is now facing a murder charge for the December shooting. Country. Music star Morgan Wallen is facing backlash after he was shown on video shouting a racial slur. This is AP News. The state of Virginia is a step closer to abolishing its death penalty In a major step on a 21 17 party line vote After a lengthy emotional debate, the Virginia Senate passed the bill Wednesday to abolish the death penalty. The bill now goes to the House, where advocates say it is expected to pass. No state has exercised the death penalty more than Virginia in U. S history. According to the death penalty Information Center. Virginia has executed nearly 1400 people over some 400 years. I might cross you No. AstraZeneca's Cove in 19 vaccine does more than prevent people from getting seriously ill. Researchers say it appears to reduce transmission of the virus and offers strong protection for up to three months on just a single dose. I'm Jackie Quinn. AP News It didn't take long after TMZ released the clip of Morgan Wall in using a racial slur that the consequences began pouring in his record label put his career on pause. I Heart media, which owns hundreds of radio stations banned his music streaming that Spotify and Apple dropped his songs from their curated playlist. And Sirius, XM and Pandora ghosted him and Morgan Wallens being caught on tape. Uttering a racial slur comes amid a national reckoning on how people view and speak about racism. It began last spring after people saw the video of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody as an officer pressed his knee on the handcuff man's neck that gave fresh impetus to the Black lives matter movement. It also forced the entertainment and sports world to purge itself of movies, songs and Team nicknames that blacks and other minorities have long found a meaning. Corporate America is also followed suit retiring long time icons like Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben. I'm Oscar Wells, Gabriel. Call 1888 farmers to switch and you could save an average of $470 on your auto insurance. That's a lot of money in just a few minutes with savings like that. You could be lounging on an impractical amount of ornate and overpriced throw pillows he bought for your couch. But you won't because you're better with money than that. That's why you're calling us in the first place. Call 1888 Farmers to get a quote today are farmers conversation. What annual savings dated December 2020 100, my farmer structure, fire insurance exchanges, Orfalea products available in every state. And of cancel culture. But, she says on Twitter that people in the country music world know that Morgan while in juice of the slur is not a one off deal. And Guidon, who is black, says that makes Wallens promises to do better now ring hollow. Other country acts of condemned Wallen, noting his being caught on tape. Using a racial slur is just one of a serious of misdeeds that have embarrassed both him and the genre..

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