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To play a video game with circle you can rest easy knowing that they're safe inside the guidelines that you sit is the easiest way to manage your family's online access across all they're connected devices inside and outside of your home. Whether that's a phone or a tablet with circle home plus and the circle APP parents can filter what content is allowed set limits for screen time and monitor history and uses it keeps track of every device from laptops laptops to phones tablets to even smart t._v.'s and video game consoles all from one APP and each family member has their own profile so you know I have a profile setup for Grayson who's thirteen and then also one for chloe away because their needs are different and what what I'll allow Grayson to watch. I'm not going to allow Khloe to watch or our time may vary. You'll have one less thing to worry about and right now. Our listeners get a limited time offer of thirty thirty dollars off circle home plus when you visit meet circle dot com slash C._C. and Inter C._C.. At checkout that's M. E. Circle Dot com slash C. C. and Inter C. C. at checkout get thirty dollars off when you visit me circle dot com slash C._C. and inner C. C. at checkout. This is a limited time podcast exclusive offer. That's again again meet circle dot com slash C._C. and inner C. C. to save thirty dollars next caller place hi Julian Cod love your show..

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