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Controls the Senate president Trump campaigning for Republican George Incoming senators Kelly Leffler, David Perdue were locked in a tight runoff race, the president urging the crowd of the Valdosta Regional Airport to vote. There's never been a case where a state has had this prominence on Senate races because it never together on and this is something that's very important and you have to get out. You have to vote. You have to make sure you have every vote counted. Everybody is to count you got it. Make sure they don't throw away any ballots. President also saying that he won in the election was rigged. The opponent's Democratic nominees Raphael Warnock, and John Assaraf, also campaigning today, holding a driving rally in Conyers, Georgia, or not telling the crowd would have vote for him means when you vote you vote for health care When you vote, you vote for jobs with a living wage. When you vote, you vote so that Children regardless of their parent's income, know that they can have a great outcome. You can love flirt debate tomorrow night from Atlanta on the Fox News Channel, California imposing new lockdowns for Southern California, the Joaquin Valley hospital ICU capacity and those regions fell below a 15% threshold, triggering business shutdowns and a new state home order. Officials in the Bay Area decided not to wait. They announced yesterday that they're going to implement the new restrictions starting tomorrow as well. So retail will be capped at 20% capacity. Playgrounds, museums, campground, zoos, theaters, bars. I'm sports and amusement parks will all be closed here in Southern California, Los Angeles already imposed a citywide stay at home order That happened last week in L. A county also restricted non essential activities. Boxes. Christina Coleman America is listening to Fox News. Taking a look at KSFO traffic.

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