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Really was a scary looking contraction non-used plastic molded to the shape of each subject's head, and then cut out the eye and nose holes. It kind of looks like having your head wrapped in white construction fencing or like you Kanye on the Yeezus tour. So. Imagine you lying in this MRI head. Okay style. And inside an MRI allowed kinda sounds like. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah above so they put in earplugs and now It's all Gaza time. Women in the study allying down with the head in the mirror and the lower half of their body is out of the scanner. In. Pot of Nans experiment, she had the women's pot in his touch, their genitals until they came. But there were complications he chew. Women stock in the MRI with the plugs in and that loud noise. Couples going to talk to each other. So the women in the scanner would have to press a button to say they've started orgasm ing and then would then relay that to the partners who will wearing headphones their partner with your your partner is having an orgasm. Then the participant would press a button orgasm was finished. And the partner would here stop stimulating your partner's orgasm is complete. These partners have your voice in there. Well, they. Have tried to give their part visit Olga's right. So I stand it a bit like a deranged against stewardess. Do you think that you could orgasm in that situation I had to I was the test pilot for everything I had more orgasms than that scanner to the point that I should have frequent flyer miles and I actually had a very funny incident when I was in the scanner. Using Purple Dildo. And it's slipped out of my hands in a win flying. After the scanner win off I said Houston we have a problem with. The DILDO went into orbit. Gaza GMS The final frontier. Despite the Kanye helmet e plugs the fact that these women were basically lab rats would you believe most of them were able to orgasm in the MRI either with their pot now or on their own? And all the while none was recording what was going on in their brain as they were climaxing. So what did she find? So the big ticket item is that orgasm is a big brain event. So of the brain involved emotions, reward and pleasure lighting up which all makes sense. Right pleasure. Good feelings that sounds like an orgasm one brain region that really went way up. And stayed up for quite a while in the orgasm was activity in the hypothetical Amiss at slide. How low wow zor the hypothalamus does. Stuff when it gets fired up, it can release the so-called cuddle chemical oxytocin and the Hypothalamus is found in the base of the brain it's involved in survival. In textbooks, it sometimes known for playing a big role in the big four fs feeding, fighting fleeing and. Fornication ING. In one study rats had electrodes implanted in this part of the brain in the hypothalamus and they kept pressing a button to make it go off again and again and again. A few scientists say that the brain during orgasm looks kind of similar to the brain having a seizure. It's another time when your brain's Latin up in many places all at once if you were going to commission a band to write a song of the brain in orgasm, who would you get to do? It led Zeppelin. Do. Do Do. Of. Little research that we have into what's going on in the brain during the moment of climax actually some debate him. So some research backs up non-study but other work has found that just as people were about to orgasm, they brain actually starts winding down. It's not clear what's up with these differences Nan and others have said that the techniques that those other studies were using might not have been so good. But just generally speaking academics agree that at least in the lead up to an orgasm, a ton of stuff is happening in your brain. But the big question for us is. This is there anything that can help us explain why men are having more orgasms than women. Well Nan has done some similar work in a small group of men. It's not been published yet, but she told us that she saw the same staff. A lot more similarities than differences. It's a whole big grain event for the guys to. Other than ends early research, the only study we could find the compared men and women reaching orgasm found that while there were some differences in how the brain's responded to genital stimulation once they hit orgasm things looked pretty Simla. And we also found some research from Alpha Uri friends suggesting the same thing. So for example, when scientists in Germany stimulated the genitals of male and female rats, they saw the same amount of brain space lighting up and he didn't Madda the rats had a penis or a clitoris. Yes rats have clitorises. Just. Little ones. So while the research in this space is pretty bad naked from what we know. It's not like men have some giant orgasm chunk in their brain that women don't have. and. Bottom line. It just doesn't look like the brain can explain the huge orgasm gap. But, that is just the brain. What about differences in the body. The Vagina Clitoris and the penis. Could these physical differences help us explain why some people orgasm than? What is currently your favorite tool that you're using to study the sexual experience? My favorite tool I am somewhat enamored of our. Contraction device right now this is Nicole prowse she used to work at UCLA and now runs Horon sex research lab with fun toys like this anal contraction device. Wait tell me more about this. How do you use it? So we basically fashioned a small as possible but. What the sexual toy Nicole is playing around with souped up plugs research has found that a lot of the time when People Gezim they bought muscles contract in this very, very specific way we think eight to twelve contractions and the first two are about point eight seconds apart, and then they get further and further apart until they stop something fun to think about next time you having an orgasm. Okay. So Nicole has poked and prodded dozens of people in her lab to explore how the body reacts to Orgasm. And she told us when we thinking about the orgasm gap, there's actually a bunch of things now body that pretty similar between people, penises and those with vaginas. For example, when we get aroused blood rushes to the genitals whether it's the Penis Vulva, which includes the clitoris in the Labia, and this is often something like pornography hardly ever shows the vulva arouse I think. One small study found that the Vagina had four to eleven times more blooding when it was stimulated compared to when it was just sitting around. Watching Frazier or whatever..

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