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Not only for right now you're like an insurance underwriter their look at this going no thank you we've got marta yeah we've gone from slow protecting us in in the huddle in now suddenly were and i tell you what it has its own off they could have held on to this guy in the future not many garoppolo but it's also a lot of risk moving forward because you knew who we come back and we got to go to break go look at the last three years yeah four years new draft go look at some of the pending free agents catches up to eur leasing players for a year or two i love still it puts you in tough spot at stewart can somebody figure out what the hell the patriots did last night six one seven seven seven i seven 937 is a big prize if he could do so a little bit later on will love we'll talk to willie mcginest coming up in the next album a little bit later on liu was the victim of a attaches pace use it has that somehow here's what it was and that got to get the guy on so that the lukin really have inau victim apart winner well i was moving to see you're going to say ariz mean apologize there nepal chefs going gonna if he's smart smart he'll come right at look if he's smart if jars out he hasn't y'all's ashley no i listen to taylorsville nettie does allergy what's the show some ball i thought he a great point two last study point you know what did you know loop lloyd baseball findlay desk obasanjo's batty's through the best when when horford score for its sister goes at anything that i ever checked at bars which meant little fellow vi valley wants help guide there is no twitter when i was playing and horford i long sister start tweeting you kind you guys love a horford look only if i could get her to go at christian six one seven seven seven i seven 937 patriots chargers melvin gordon jumps the chargers out hurley chargers brady and drunk answer.

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