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The the i'm jessica harris this is from scratch my guess is se weingarten founder of the nail polish company esi essy is available in roughly twenty five thousand somalians and more than one hundred countries as he launched in 1980 one with ten thousand dollars and the company was bought by l'olreal in two thousand ten essy is from hollis hill queens welcome it's my pleasure to be here jessica before we get started i noticing that you are wearing some red nail polish can i see your hands for second would you call that kohler she's pampered when did that kohler come out probably about ten years ago but it's so apropos now since i am not working and i'm enjoying life and i feel very pampered when did you get them done yesterday is a matter of fact how did you come up with the name she's pampered it was from a collection where it was all about opulent and this was one of six colors and it always is about the theme so she's pampered just looked bright to me it was like a rosy red and it look like any woman could wear it when she stealing really special people who know the brand se a who use the nail polish they know you for your names as well as other attributes names range from wicked to fancy pants tomboy no more rockstar skinny and i feel like these neither just on the right side of naughty can you talk to us about we're at your thinking surrounding the names well i always wanted to ever personality so if the names had a personality women would remember them if its numbers it's so impersonal and it's like what number is it if they don't remember the whole name they remember something about the name and these are very funny story a woman met me angie settle oh my god you're esi i was missile on in this woman.

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