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A really brilliant year just it's way to turn over turnover prone but those weapons on you There's still loaded with. You know Beckham on outside Ingram inside then you have saquon. Barkley causing matchup problems inside the you know there's there's so many options, though, just depends on the health of the off blind and if. You like to keep the turnovers. Down what do you think about the fit of Mike Shula with Eli manning and that offense, I wouldn't, say I know about Mike Schuler studied is often enough to really give a good take on wow, I think Shula fits that The personnel that's. Fair that's totally reasonable what do you think about on the, flip side, maybe north Turner in Carolina where he has he's taking over and Mike? Shula and Cam Newton is someone who has an incredible amount of skill but I think there's, still this perception it seems. Like that people have, an unlocked, the most out of Cam which is crazy to say for an MVP candidate but, we're seeing, some, reports from Carolina this off. Season at the Panthers might consider moving on from. Cam Newton if he doesn't take a step forward, with with nerve Turner offensive coordinator do you think they have the personnel to kind of? Run that offense they can stretch teams downfield and hold up in pass protection long enough for Cantu hit. Guys, fifteen twenty yards on field That's a really curious fit with the. North, Turner and Carolina he's. Been. His offense hasn't been so reliant on a strong power, heavy, run game and deep play. Action passes take more time and I.

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