CNN, John Podesta, Chairman discussed on The Larry Elder Show


The other side so don't like us to the door we have nothing to do with that we did retain fusion gps as he says has many other organisations now the cnn said in an interview inclusive our report rather that debbie wasserman schultz and john podesta did interview apparently with i think investigators on the hill and denied having any knowledge what the wherever of any payments going towards this socalled dossier here's what happened and we are now learning that john podesta the former hillary clinton campaign chairman as well as that the former democratic national committee campaign chair way chairwoman both met privately with the senate intelligence committee many earlier this month actually debbie wasserman schultz meant or on october but that's the met in september both discuss the fusion gps issue and the funding about they can't pay over the funding that led to the creation of this trump dossier now they were asked explicitly at this interview we are told about whether they had any knowledge that the clinton campaign or the democratic national committee in funding this opposition resource that led to this dossier they've both denied having any knowledge whatsoever in fact a desk that we are told i said that he had no knowledge that there was any sort of contractual relationship between the clinton campaign and using gps which is the firm that led to the production of that trump dossier now of course we have now learned this week that the clinton campaign and the dnc did pay for that fusion gp as by brock they eat had actually retained a separate law firm to actually go ahead and then we're cain fusion gps as a client giving it some deny of deniability now what is also interesting here broke is that the attorney who did retain fusion gps as acquire and mark elias was sitting alongside john podesta during this interview and we've podesta denied having any knowledge of having clinton campaign ties diffusion gps now have you heard him talk about mark allies just now mark elias is the.

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