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Car truck or SUV get the job done right the first time well we're gonna find out here momentarily if this game is going to be a carbon copy of the one that we saw in Dallas on Saturday night or disable take on a totally different from what the drop in the bucket one receiver and he's going over New Zealanders stick into an icing is called against the hawks seven seven seven seconds into the hockey game no score face off the record for every goal assist Fridays in pain is sponsored by Chevy drive Chicago dot com Sylvia's number one bestselling ran at Chicagoland three years running drive a clean okay five Los marines in the second fixing you've made by Crawford deflecting the stars the board lots of room to the near side and had to wait for to come down from the air so we get to stick it over receiver back to Calvin on Sunday at the center ice that was intended for Alex NY lander when he had a litany band six so that the park would slide into the Dallas caring backup point rice wears a down the reports in the hot zone Conor Murphy the near corner kept up the left wing Alex to break it he couldn't clear the zone but Jamie Benn does will use to put back into the stars in he's going over the past couple of point a little who don't get to the right wing Porter hawks only model who had a goal the other night in Dallas across the shouted across three contenders with Patrick Kane it passes over his head he was a very the center right put it into the stars on his foot that's why he's given taken by the hotel to break it Justin hotline to Patrick Kane with try to pass it on number twenty three he when the puck around captain by the stars Taylor put in with the right point why in a follow up shot from the top of the left circle laundry suppose cigarette sales in the near corner and got the puck consists in carrying out of the hot zone but I had a left wing at center ice David can you respond to the stars never before the fee the slot for camp this is Jim slices center ice the hockey one the buckle receiver shot in the head for Andrew Shaw this to flex down icing is going to be called here to hawks no score seventeen fifty one left in very well want to give a shout out to the daughter of rocky works candle husband Brendon of the proud parents of their first baby Liam Richard move for you for Monday November twenty fifth nineteen forty two and a half inches Rockies six grand child so congratulations to Kendall Brendel your family songs of I heard he deflects the puck in behind the counter with the Hong two wheels of the left hand side and spends a park or different Seaver right wing to centre ice across the center a circle with a backhand down the left wing boards in behind the stars now who don't want stopping it there for John Klingberg New York carries out losing the absolute stars one one point you're fired him the center right off with Jason Dickinson second down in behind the hawk pushed up the near side by the Honda running carpenters he flings it to the stars twinkling bird takes it back for Dallas kicks it had the Corey Perry hardline right wing is gonna down behind the net only model back to get a pair outlets of the left wing Sachs naked on a cool like it's not a race now to convert feet it over the stars one of the right wing spends it down in behind the net dug out by rain carpenter who stick within lifted from behind but will pay his name will skate for the puck from behind the stars now it's moving to the left order good old and shut the door there my leaning against the near post one and who don't want put the sticks down to the ice conflicts that one up into the protective netting and out of play so a couple good chance is there for the hawks but still no score sixteen forty left in period one sack Smith looking for his first goal of the Blackhawks uniform the golden opportunity good pressure on the forecheck turns the park over Sexsmith walks down the slot we would do is break the high low so it's not a clear cut straight away with pressure behind a but a good opportunity no the last circle to who told was right the stars get it going on with center ice on the left wing will flip.

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