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Thanks for pressing play. This is Christopher lockhead and this is lockhead on marketing. And on this episode. I WANNA break down a legendary trend Jack. That was just. I pulled off by celebrity actor Ryan Reynolds and his Gin Company now on episode twenty. Three with Palmar. We pop the hood the secret. Pr Black. Art called tren jacking in recently Ryan Reynolds. He's an actor. Who's quite famous in the United States of Deadpool Tempur fame and a bunch of other stuff? He also owns a GIN brand company called aviation and they recently pulled off what I would call the trend. Jack of the a year by inserting themselves into the controversy around a recent Peleton bike. Add as you may know Peleton put out this ad and to say it blew up with negative reaction would be a massive understatement. The peleton add shows a rich young couple where the husband gives his Clearly thin wife. An exercise bike and The world reacted very negatively and they suffered a massive decrease in their market cap up and on this episode. We're not necessarily going to get into. Why the Peleton add blew up but we are going to get into is how Ryan Reynolds Gin Brand Aviation and Hijacked or Tren Jack this ad to produce some legendary marketing. All right. My friends at net sweet are the category Queens and kings of cloud cloud business systems for high growth companies. And if you want to schedule a demo right now and receive a free guide called the seven key strategies to grow your profits. Prophets check out net sweet dot com slash different. That's net sweet dot com slash different to set up your free demo and your free growth guide today also also my friends at spunk. WanNa remind you that we are living in the data. Age and spunk brings data to everything every question every decision and every action action checkout spunk dot com slash D to e as in data to everything today also you can go to lockhead dot com and check out the show notes for this episode including the links to both the original Peleton ad and the follow up response from Av Aviation Gin and the news articles I quote in this story now. Hey Ho let's go. This is long head on marketing. The podcast that helps you develop a lens for what makes legendary marketing legendary posted by Christopher lockhead three times. CMO Godfather category designed and a high school dropout. The Marketing Journal calls and one of the best minds in marketing and the economist calls.

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