White House, Paul Whalen, Russia discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Preston. In the midst of the partial government shutdown over border wall money congressional leaders are headed to the White House today. Here's ABC's Linda Lopez Trump has invited speaker designate Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer to the White House today along with Republican leaders, but White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, saying they're being invited for a border security briefing from senior homeland security official along the southern border officials there say they have to use tear gas against a crowd on New Year's Eve ABC's. Alec stone is in southern California border patrol agents say it was two o'clock in the morning when around one hundred fifty migrants in mass came at them trying to breach the border, and that's on the Tijuana side began collecting rocks and throwing them at agents chief patrol agent. Rodney Scott says gas and pepper spray were needed responded with the least amount of force. They possibly could to protect themselves in the border and did actually secure the border in this area. Twenty five for the migrants, including teenagers were arrested family of an American arrested on spying. Charges and Russia's say, they're worried about his health Paul Whalen was arrested last week is David says, there's no chance at Paul was engaged in espionage. And russia. He says Paul was in Russia for a wedding a two year old is recovering after being hurt. That Florida's zoo she fell into the rhino exhibit ABC. Stephanie Ramos is there the provides zoo in Melbourne Florida says the little girl stumbled and fell through polls during the zoos rhino encounter coming into contact with one of the rhinos zoo calls the exhibit in educational experience. Zoo says the program has been running for nearly a decade without any incidents at least six people have been killed in a train accident in Denmark, police say the train hit something while on a bridge linking to islands. Several people have been hurt officials in Cleveland or taking a look at the drinking fountains at the airport after six people on a flight from Cleveland to Tampa got sick. Some of the drinking fountains have been shut down at least for now..

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