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Was talking about data Las Vegas but they got hit, by a little bit of everything over, the weekend I saw. Some of the the footage via the Weather Channel yesterday morning of big time flooding along the. Strip, there it doesn't take a lot. Of rain there to cause flooding issues that sprinkles and, intermittent showers yeah that's what they saw on Saturday they were involoved in A full-fledged dust. Storm, Saturday morning national weather service issued. A dust storm warning Thing is about about, ten thirty it lasted for about an hour And. Looks like they kind of avoided any. Further thunderstorm activity on Saturday but As we head into the new week here meteorologists are warning about the. Heat wave that's about to invalid up the city Sunday's high one hundred six but today temperatures begin to climb the valley's expected. To see a high of one hundred ten degrees according to the weather service an excessive heat warning goes into effect at ten o'clock Tuesday through nine PM, Thursday Although the warning could. Be extended depending on if you get more moisture but Tuesday's high right now is forecast to be one hundred thirteen followed by..

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