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To problems the problem that's causing people to die here in large numbers get these fish the fat no two other opioid addiction all the evidence suggests that set most coming from china neither directly into the united states or via precursors p cooked in mexico and shipped back in bike gangs why doesn't san francisco's taken unprecedented steps will saying we want china to stop killing americans we're going to take chinese goods that are sold in san francisco and work on the charge one hundred percent additional tax on them until china stop sending sentinel into the united states let's kick that money and put it into treatment amount reach let's put that money the better law enforcement to stop the sale of these poisons on the street why doesn't why don't we get asked them problem and not just meet the self destructive nece that is the problem uh less uh visible to people so that they feel uncomfortable they should feel uncomfortable because people are guy let's do something about it chretien very much of being with us thank you thank you somewhat is his codirector of the center for substance abuse policy research at the hudson institute and served as director of the white house office of national drug control policy under president george w bush let me go back to you alex growl uh there is some a couple of statements that i think you probably need to respond to one is that the science is is really fabricate of at the end of this people aren't necessarily getting the help that may be designed or may be good intentions notwithstanding out yeah i i you know wearing agreement about the fact that we do need more medical assist the treatment in the us at the director of the national institute drug abuse nor volkov adding published.

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