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Oh, god. No worries. Line. I reckon I lost more time in the big break, even early going solely up. Ben firing reactor ties are excellent. There you have to restart the car. It sounded like. All time. Yeah. Well, because I think the entry Spade was definitely Ohio through your friend show the your central dash gear indicator and brake might Might take. take system. We've got knock on now. It's pretty. One that's in the middle, or is that just a weird angle on that camera? That was the older cost we just had. That's actually like in my view, though, with the one we've got now we basically have out Motech system in the center. So the co-driver can the temps slow. And then in front of me, I just have a Revlon and a keeps issue. So I know what we'll gear and, and I say the red lot, pull it on them. She gets the race, fucking sequential gearbox cars, bad out. It's good. It's well. It's. Everyone gets one. Very nice to drive. Let's paddles and a handbrake, right? So that that car in that video was paddle shift. But the cow before now is sequential sequential essential. Yet, all of that. Yeah, I like I, like I like your philosophy of in. Yeah, she was like, I was going to buy a house and then I bought two old BMW's old out call. Yeah, I well. They're very desirable cost, so you could sell them if you needed to remain time. I can get enjoyment and you don't, and you don't. You're not home enough to own a house, the fucking your own, a house you live, you're on the road like forty weeks a year. They need to be home for shave with my sister. As forty weeks a year like Australia or only do out championship Australia's six strategy. Okay. But then a lot of other work that I do with Subaru AMI general Lynn. Crazy ideas. I have to go to Monterey couch can then come to LA and. Just not be home anywhere, but home. It's funny though. After wake, you all ready to go. Feel, but if you leave Australia, you have to make the rounds of everywhere you go. Say I wanted to come to Callaway can I was going to be able to get over there sort of three and a half days, and then that's a long way to travel for no, that say, extended to awake. And I got to go and say, fish, rally school flew up to Seattle cool for couple of hours to say, they know who you were, or did you play that like the stealth game where you're like? I've never done this before. No, I spoke to them before. I just did. I'll see if that would show me Aram, which they did. Yeah, just want us to check it out. We don't have anything that big that big Beckenham such a cool place. They do job with that place, man, I need to go up there. Yeah, they got eighty sixes, and they got STI, and they have a really cool collection of vintage trolley cars, donors. For that? No, I didn't see that. Richards, twenty two twenty two would have flown up. That is to say. That the oldest, they're amazing. Yeah. Can you buy those in Australia? Japan hundred grand strategy that probably like hundred forty plus now. Yeah. It would have been. You should have bought six of them at eight. You should've taken out a loan to buy six of them at eight thousand bucks. Two years ago I hit must have. I was like, you want to go have a twenty two and his much of that. And he was like you mean more like eighty twenty hundred twenty two. They were. They were really expensive years ago. I told Molly if she found one, I would go half's on it with her family while ago. But I'm I managed to get seem to get like four people together to chippy and so it could do it. And then the the brokerage favors like another thirty grand on top of it, and that does. Like the nylon say, yeah, that's a lot like that at all. But it sold like that wake say it's no, they don't. They don't restrain on the market. There's enough people that like how many of those they make? Well, shoe hundred fifty hundred. Maybe two. How many Subaru? Twenty two. Do they make. I don't know, I think is five into astray Elliot's. So this was one of the five Australian delivered..

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