Balor, Vega, J. Bl discussed on What's Wrong With Wrestling? WWE Recap Show


A great segment and they finally made it official, right? So yeah, they were both really great in this segment home so and that's the match look forward to you know if you think about it like Edge always called himself the ultimate opportunity opportunists for a long time he had the best cash in you know. Yeah John Cena survives Elimination Chamber match. Yep. Edge comes out beats a bloody Cena, but Seth cashing in mid main event at WrestleMania. Yeah, I mean j r a m, a r. J. BL still said it best, you know, Heist of the century. Was that? No was it was maybe L JBL right? Yeah JBL said okay yeah yeah sorry I thought you said J R I did say I'll take care of that went back off those. I mean cuz also cuz he's saved like no one wanted to see Lesnar rains know really well. God ninety more times in the coming years. Oh God. It's going to end with a champion that no one wants either way and then Seth comes and saves WrestleMania as the heel. The biggest Babyface moment of. All right. Got a louder pop that anyone that night? Yeah, God, yeah, so great segment. Can't wait to see it won't even matter who wins this mad know cuz it'll be great. It will. Yeah next up we have the street profits versus rude and Ziggler you have to remember that time you have to remake show before this match. They showed footage from a match that these two had these two tag teams have yeah in January dead. Hey, remember in January? Yeah, when these guys fought? No, no, I fucking don't. Oh, okay, well here's them fighting again in January, right? And then again, a couple more times in February, March, a few more times and then one of them got injured and had to go away for a little bit. Now they're back. Where's what? I thought they were feeding with Chad Gable and Otis. Where are they wear off the world, right? Seriously? So yeah. Anyway, it's Dawkins hits Ziegler with a spinebuster and Ford hits the Frog Splash for the win. Who cares? We've seen this 1 million times 1 million. Next up, we have zelina. Vega vs. Bianca Bel-Air, Sasha comes out mid-match, which distracts Bellaire and mega hits her hurricanrana off the apron, which is the best thing she does. Yeah, but of course, doesn't do anything to help her cause, right, but Bel Air hits the kod for the win. So, Vega does not get a touch. Nope, surprise, surprise. And that's it, it's like dead. There's Vega, there's Carmella. Like a singles wrestler. It's like that's that's it's it's the four of them. Yeah. Natalia mean our tag team shops in oxheart tag team like this. This Feud with Sasha has to go on for a few more months. There's no one else, right? And it can't be Vegas because she's never won a match. I mean, me again, just chilling. Yeah, just that's my feeling. That's right. She has yet. I mean I haven't even seen video packages for her yet know, like to show us. This is me cuz they're not going to be like, oh, former person of Reckoning know they're going to be like they're going to show video packages of her next song chorus. Maybe if she's not released, but right. Yeah, there's certainly not doing anything with her. Yeah. So yeah Nixa we have Finn Balor versus Baron Corbin backstage before the match. Ballard tells Kayla. When I'm down in with Corbin, I've got a bone to pick with John Cena. Also backstage, Heyman tells Roman Reigns at Balor versus Corbin is next. And Rain says, I'm interested. So they get in the ring. Corbin apologizes to Balor of a Balor says apology, not accepted and punches him to start the match. Balor wins with the coup de gras and then he cuts a promo after the match. And this was really good years ago. What happened last week? I would have smiled. I set it off. Screen is dead, this is Marlon. Yeah. Crazy treatments was the place Roman Reigns pretty Universal subject that might have to go through and seeing it to do it. And that's what I wanted to do with this Vin's. Not smiling, God Bless, America, has fins, not smiling for Words. We've been waiting to hear on the main roster home. Yes, yes, yes, thank God. So rains and hey man! Come out to the ring and Roman tells thin I tried to give you an opportunity. So when you come out here on my show, keep the head of the tables name out your mouth and he throws the mic at Balor and turns his back on him. So badly, pushes him out of the ring and gives them the finger guns and then the use those attack Balor from behind but Balor Fights Back. Throws them out of the ring and then he does his dive over the ropes. So rains gets back in the ring. Balor hits a sling blade, but then the user says get back in the ring and attacked Balor rains hits a Superman punch Jekyll J hits a splash off the top and then rains locks in the guillotine choke and Ballard tax. So no John Cena on Smackdown that week. So fins, Jake of like the sacrificial lamb to have interaction with Roman Reigns and seen is not there, right? And I guess he like, is he going to fight Roman like the wage? Before SummerSlam or the, the Friday, before you can still build this up to, he gets the next right? Title shot at the next pay-per-view. Yeah, you could, you know, but it's just like, yeah, you'll have when the contenders not there, right? You have to pick someone else. It's weird when you have to beat up someone else because you're contenders in their rights. I mean, exactly. It doesn't make much sense. He's back on Raw, turns out, right chillin. What's the worst thing about selling your home? 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