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Of the third victim federal investigators say they train was going eighty in thirty women jump the track skeletons are with the national transportation safety board says is unclear why they train did not slow down as it approached the curve where it derailed was the thirty miles per hour speed limit known to the operators and was it clear that that was the the speed limit and that is what the interviews we hope will help show us investigators recovered of black box data recorder from the trains rear locomotive so trying to recover the box from the front anchin komo news time one thirty four aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours here's sprints arbogast and currently if you're leaving the airport eastbound five eighteen slow go as you approach i 5 at the 405 interchange now northbound 405 as you head towards the west valley highway crashes desk clear the right lane is still off to the right shoulder leaving you a bit of a distraction now southbound i5 of yes 405 rather it's going to be slow getting out of bellevue making your way up the kenneydell hill in renton and we are still seeing delays if you are headed a southbound i5 yes there is a backup as you approach the mount road mounts road that's close traffic is being detoured off of center drive and then onto the jblm military base where briefly ahead on parameter road and then onto old pack highway and then from there you can head south to highway 510 that is your best route or heading westbound sixteen into gay carver and then making your way over to a shelter non highway three and then one or one towards olympia you will want to avoid at this point in time the forty mile backup southbound 507 from hjelm this report brought to you.

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