Richardson, Washington, Climate Change discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


So riding on his twitter account quote the death of manuel noriega closes a chapter in our history and nineteen eighty nine the one time us ally was ousted as panama's dictator by us invasion in what was then the largest american military action since the vietnam war noriega later served a seventeen year drugs sentence in the united states fox's kelly right president trump's america first strategy is not sitting well with some european leaders after his first foreign trip german chancellor angela merkel says the us is no longer a reliable partner president shared a tense lengthy handshake with newly elected french president emmanuel macron he told the french publication quote my handshake with president trump was not innocent not the alpha and omega of a policy but a moment of truth we must show that we will not make small concessions even symbolic once and as the g7 gathered in sicily to discuss the paris accord on climate change mirko says they're discussion of that topic with president trump left the group six against one the president says he will decide this week whether to withdraw the us from that climate agreement fox's richardson in washington president trump on his first memorial day in office saluting those he calls real heroes we can never repaid them but we can always remember and today that is what we are doing we remember that arlington national cemetery yesterday the president ling a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns fox news.

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