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Guesses when we come back. Maybe crystal clear about this. Republicans are united in opposition to raising the death-dealing what we're raising because america can't default disaster so in a burst of media. Savvy senate democrats. Put that out to show the hypocrisy and situational nihilism of mitch mcconnell on the topic of our debt ceiling avoiding a government shutdown just one of the brutal votes upcoming for the senate when you add it in with things like infrastructure and voting rights still with us thankfully david plus and tim miller david. We'll get to mcconnell in a second. But i want you to continue if you will if you were to advise the d triple c if you were to advise democrats on the same kind of campaign discipline. Democrats are used to seeing from republican campaigns of late. How do they achieve their goal while bryan. We'll point out You know the people in the country who think that republicans are the best messengers. Campaigners of all time tend to be democrats democrats. Have the white house the house and the senate so let's not get too much credit But listen you have to zero in on a pandemic and make them pay for the malpractice. Many of them showed. You've got a really lift up what's happening in the infrastructure. Bill assuming that passes the recovery act. The child care tax credit You can with data these days. You know a lot about these voters. And that's not just to persuade swing voters. It's very important that we have third straight cycle. Democrats get good enough. Turn out a to win And understand every district in state has its nuances but i think this this notion that the republicans can get great turnout again is also a question. And that's where i think. Trump basically the atmosphere. At i think a lot of voters particularly his stalwart bands. May say why bother tim miller. Let's talk about mitch mcconnell and a broad question to you one i pretty much know you think about on regular occasion and that is where did this. Nihilism come from Take the case of mitch. Mcconnell a guy who is a complete product of the system. Where did it come from that. He now is okay. Burning the system now. The situation nihilism brennan is is a feature not a bug from its mcconnell at. I don't think that this came naturally from him out of birth. If it came from the fact that this is what republican voters want from him that he realized that he could be nyla stick and get what he and still get what he wanted. Which is power for power's sake if you if you to roll back the clock. Uh to the merrick garland debate the fact that mitch mcconnell got away with that and was able to essentially steal a supreme court seat demonstrated to him that he that he suffers. No political penalty for acts like this and the only way to get mitch. Mcconnell to change his actions is to ensure that he suffers a political penalty. And i think that you saw him change only temporarily but somewhat after the loss in georgia to speaking out against donald trump because he was upset the donald trump cost him political power. And i think. Joe biden and the sec or successful at making mitch. Mcconnell pay politically for shutting down the government or threatening to shut down the government. Then he would back off if he doesn't feel he's gonna pay a political penalty for it and he certainly is not within the republican base. Who just exists to want to cause pain to joe by that. Want to cause pain to chuck schumer then Hill back so the only way to get him to back off. The republican base wants this. If they're demanding the nihilism is to create enough noise in enough signal to turn independent voters and others Against the actions of the republicans and due to turn their numbers down in the pulse they head towards the mid terms. This is why we so appreciate when these two thoughtful friends of our broadcast. Come on to join us and take our questions. Are thanks with that to david bluff and tim miller gentlemen. Thank you both coming up for us. The perspective of a vaccine for kids over five means parents may soon be making some tough decisions unless that is. It's an easy decision during a pandemic.

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