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Damage out a label for ten years was nearly impossible but we are going to see it transition because generally speaking these are baby boomers and there too old little bit older this guy doug morris was tightened the business just past the reins of sony music you know he's in his eighties okay xuzhou shamisen his 70s but he's old okay not that you know being old is especially a crime so that business will be revolutionize one thing you have to know about the music business it's a thug business right away the the joke has always been in of you go into a movie studio i wanna practicing law i remember we represent in an actor who had a prophet participation in the second largest movie of the year in 1978 okay and it's now years later trying to get a in the movie still in a negative position so if you think you're owed money in the movie business you walk in a guys in a four thousand dollar suit east sits there you go through all the paper and explains why don't me uh you're not owed any money we're in the music business you walk in as a guy with a gold chain around his neck the opens up a jury which set a gun and goes what what money i result is the same just to to go a little deeper i've atoll in that story for decades unfortunate thing now is the people in the music business the exects they were expensive suits now too because they are under the delusion that there is important is the artis nephew sit there and we we put a sevenyearold in front of the sitcom he can do five minutes with prompting oh was an unbelievable story it in like the story the acting was bad even the people in the business the most they could say about hit record is had a good beat and i could dance to it so the the exects should be secondary artist should rule wounded transition period the artists are gaining some power now but not as much as they had in the old days yeah do you still by music well i don't buy any music because i stream music let's go back to the era when that was a big question in the year two thousand eight cetera.

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