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These winters and drive through them unless we got the day off or got to work from home. I got on the Kennedy expressway at about three fifteen this morning. And there's the adage in Chicago that you drive, you know, the side streets are a little messy same in the suburbs. Two. But usually once you get to the expressways, tollways are usually in pretty good shape. I don't know if it was the timing of the storm just how fast the snow was coming down about three four or five AM or the wind or what it was. But I got on the Kennedy, and there was no covered. It was snow and ice covered already. That's a bad sign at three thirty in the morning. Once you feel more cars on the there's no there's only so much the plows can do. So we got someone coming on from dot. They're going to talk to us about what happened this morning what they're doing to try to fix the issue. It was a little bit better later on this morning when I drove from the U jam over here to WGN. But I think they're doing all that can I mean, they got as many plows out there is they can't just couldn't get everything out of the way. So three one to nine hundred seventy two hundred join that conversation also with this cold temperature. I gotta talk to Tommy skill. And he's going to be joining us in a little bit to chat through kind of a historic perspective of this cold snap. I. The lowest recorded temperature tunnel. Fill me in is minus twenty seven Chicago. I know we're going to flirt with that. But the lowest high-temperature that we've ever had in Chicago is eleven below zero. If I'm reminded Tawil, correct me if I'm wrong, I think we're going to break that that's the all time Chicago record. That's not the January thirtieth record. That's that's the all-time Chicago record for the lowest high temperature looks like we're going to beat it. So essentially Wednesday is gonna be the coolest day in the history of Chicago. There's also some old records I saw an old Sun-Times cover going back to I think Christmas Eve nineteen Eighty-three or they're talking about wind chills of eighty two degrees below zero. And I thought well that's going to be much cooler, obviously than what we're going to have a fifty which sounds terrible enough. But then I read the little reading they actually changed how they monitor the wind chill. How they did those readings. So they say that minus eighty two is actually now what equipment to minus fifty five would be. So is it gonna be the coolest it's ever been in Chicago, the coldest or going to find out from Tom skilling? He'll beyond. In just a little bit later on also going to be chatting on this thirty third anniversary and anniversaries always the wrong way to say the challenger explosion. And so I think it's one of those events that you remember where you were the moment you saw it. If you happen to be watching TV that day. I don't remember. I was one and a half years old. But my mother remembers and I play a part in that story. She remembers what we were doing the moment that the challenger blew up on this day back in nineteen Ninety-six. We're gonna have a clip from Ronald Reagan, the president in one of his best moments are certainly the most poignant speeches he ever gave from the Oval Office that day, but we're gonna talk to folks from NASA about that. But LS how was your weekend? You feeling good feeling great? You're ready to tackle this cold. Blustery week. I'm not, but I did relax. Good amount over the weekend. Well, you did a lot you relaxed, and I did some relaxing too. But I think there's one person who out relaxed all of us this weekend. Or maybe she just was resigned to her fate. This story breaking out of New York. The fire department of New York responding to a complex at forty eight east sixty fifth street on the upper east side. Apparently, there was a woman stuck in a Manhattan elevator for the entire weekend. She was a cleaning lady at a private house. She was in an elevator Friday afternoon. The elevator broke down. There was no alarm button to to alert local authorities and until someone came back to the house. The family must have been outta town over the weekend. They didn't come back 'til Monday. It she spent the entire weekend in there. So, you know, I know right. So if you think that you're having a bad morning, or you know, it's a tough Monday morning for you and into a tough afternoon. At least you didn't spend on weekend in elevator fasting. Yeah. Exactly. You sit on the couch. Like, I did you know what I did this week? And I sat and started game of thrones. And I got about two seasons through and I just sat there and Portillo's for some reason gave me a chocolate cake on Friday. They delivered it to the WCW. I brought the chocolate cake on when literally we ate half of it and recant I the whole weekend watching game of thrones. It was wonderful. We did nothing. That's a special accomplishment. Half of that case could have done more. I to limit myself, but this Saturday. Tire weekend. She's probably got to go back to work. They probably let her out of the elevator. And she's got to do more cleaning. This is how they make their living. Yeah. If you were wealthy enough to have an elevator in your private residence. You need to have some capability to let the cleaning lady alert authorities. If she gets stuck in it that should be what happened there. Where was the maintenance Kerr they should have a maintenance crew by if you're that wealthy you need to have a button in there, an emergency button installed or give her some sort of phone that you can always reach anyways. We're gonna take a quick break. We'll do that a little bit later on. But it, oh, no, it's it's it's a commute related. You can do it. Now. Let's do the click really quickly. Now. First of all Friday. We had they were we were talking about what? Well, what are you going to do? What was the news click on Friday? It was should the Eleanor attorney general increase Jason Van Dyke seven year sentence and a yes got thirty seven percent compared to be no which got sixty three percents about two to one not guess. Right. And what about today today's a fun one kind of fun? I guess. How was your commute today? A it was the worst of all time be it was awful. But not the worst c- was pretty bad. But we're used to it and D complaining this is Chicago, which takes the lead currently. Yeah. Okay. So go to wgnradiOcom for that quick commercial break. Then Tom skilling here on seven twenty WGN..

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