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They they mentioned that some kids would really benefit from sort of single sex environment but also other kids really wouldn't and we don't have great ways of separating those kids and some kids would benefit her waldorf school and some goods would benefit. Yeah playing a lot of hockey and some kids would benefit from playing no sports anchors. Kids are different exactly so anyway. I mean i have no interest in lake trying to change the fact that they're single sex schools but essentially as a legal argument. We must protect the right of boys to go to same sex schools. It just doesn't really hold water legally especially considering it's a publicly funded school and there aren't any women's only military institutions. A lot of it comes down to the fact that if there was a citadel for women she would just go to that and it wouldn't really be discrimination right and so they're they're creating a situation where for the state of south carolina to then have to start a horrible women's military academy exactly so the third and final and kind of hilarious. Assist argument for defending citadel is allowing women will destroy the citadel. Why ever will into that. This is for michael kimmel article. One of the citadel's expert witnesses matter general josiah bunting. The third suggested that women would be a toxic kind of virus that would destroy the citadel thanks adolescent males benefit from being able to focus exclusively on the task at hand without the intrusion of any sexual tension. This is an institution for learning racism if we allow women who turned into a gentle sex comedy. Like porkies. I also love that sort of central to this argument. And you hear this in all of the discourse around. This is fucking showers. I feel like it can't be a moral panic. Showers are involved in nineteen ninety. Four times article weighing heaviest on the cadets. Mines was the preservation of the all male communal. Bathroom the sharing of these stalls showers install toilets is at the heart of the citadel. Experience according to more than one cadet. Okay my favorite thing about this. Is that these people have to like an legal language justify the absolutely bizarre and toxic culture. They've created this fool another defending as if it is like the most illustrious of traditions. I mean the shower thing. I think is actually interesting because to me. It illustrates the extent to which this isn't working for anyone a lot of the cadets when they're interviewed by journalists they'll say like if women are here we can't be intimate with each other and they're afraid of getting humiliated in front of a girl if they're getting yelled at by upperclassmen or forced to do push-ups or whatever they don't want a girl to see. I mean something. I wonder about a lot is like if you can't have physical affection like do you find closeness through fighting totally and conflict and like this hazing. It's very physical. Yeah it just feels like at every point the arguments against letting shannon in are just an argument against the school and this whole dumbs. It's like just be intimate with each other. Be friendly and nice form sustainable mature relationships. You can just do that. It's the most amazing self. Tell that these people are like listen. I'm fine with being abused. I don't want to be abused in front of a girl. And it's like why are you fine with it. Not in front of the head of the cadets he's interviewed by susan faludi and he says that not having women at the school makes them better at respecting women. It sounds like i'm summarizing that unfairly but his actual quote is the absence of women makes us understand them better in anesthetic kind of way. We appreciate them more because they are not here okay. I guess you can thank longingly of the idea. Women if you don't see much but like as they're so hostile to any kind of change that that really is what's wrong with them so one of my favorite things..

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