Dr Craig Greg Poland, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


I every time I enter my house do I need to change my clothes or might just being crazy person by doing that because I go outside and on my clothes and I'm like well germs. Let me take this off. Let me put this in the hamper. But then when I leave again on my outside close on again so that doing anything or it might just be neurotic. Let me let me approach this way what I'm recommending to people is what I call can textually appropriate layers of protection so find a healthcare worker? You Bet you change your clothes in the garage and wash those clothes Ideally even before you get in your car onto public transportation or how however you're getting back and forth from work for you and I No particular reason to do that now. Nobody enters my house including me without washing my hand. Nobody comes into the house without sanitizing their hands. Nobody comes into my house. Who's ill I'm not I? I am not around other people. Nobody gets within six to ten feet of me. Those are the things that we can do now. The the surfaces that you're talking about you can hardly help touching if you're going grocery shopping or putting gas in your car. It's okay to touch those. It's not going to be absorbed through your skin. But here's the key thing you gotta sanitize your hands before you start touching things you're gonNA touch repeatedly or before you touch your face or eat. Chris. What do you have for Dr Craig Greg Poland again specialist in infectious disease at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.

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