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Bogged down in what the theory is behind certain things. At the expense of evaluating the outcome. Right. So for instance, there are many parts of AA that I think are either misogynistic because it was written in the thirties or way to God Centric for my taste. There's a whole batch of things in there. I maybe don't agree with, but then if I look at the results of this thing and the results are these people worried they're going to be dead in prison or in an insane asylum, and now they're healthy, thriving and have kids. Right? I could choose to continue to focus on these three elements that I disagree with inferior more. I can just look at the results in a little bit more about that. I guess a choice I get to make so awesome. I'm naturally not drawn assigned Scientology just because I don't. You know, this is one of the long debates we had in a car driving back from sess wedding. Do you remember this in this was one of my one. My one issues with it was. Okay. So there's a book Dianetics by L Ron Hubbard, right? It teaches you how to go clear, right, right. There is a bible, there's a bible. That's all the information there is on on Catholicism is in that bible, right? So why is there a priest? I don't understand whether it's a priest who has to tell me what the meaning of the words in that book is that that's always been my objection to Catholicism is high. Why is there a hierarchy when it's based on a text, we all have the ability to read the text. No one's a better or worse. Interpreter of tax. It's just, I mean, that's not true obviously. So people can't never what they all things being equal. The pope and I have the same intellect and the same reading comprehension level. Why on earth is that guy know more about the same book that we both read and why is he been elevated to a position of power and authority? I don't trust that totally allies on my criticism at one point of yours was, well, if this is based on taxed. Why on earth are there levels? Why is there a hierarchy? Why is there a. The, oh, whoa. The only things I think is absolutely miraculous about a is it's a completely structuralist organization. There is no presidents, there's no secretaries. There's no nothing. Nobody knows more than anyone else. Dude with today's sobriety as just a valid as Pinon as I do with their team. That's magic. The one thing I'll say is the coolest part of a right so. And then what was your defensive that when I was saying, I don't understand why you air christianson who I know is smart as motherfucker and has access to the tax. Why would you need instruction from someone else or why would you elevate or put faith in someone above you when it's based on a text while mostly I don't, and I don't remember what I would have said at the time because why recorded. Seven years ago. But basically you're, you're absolutely right. You read something and your relationship is with the information there and your observation of those things as true in the world around you or not. Now there is definitely the as far as the levels is just that you you don't take Trig. Like before you finished your arithmetic and and they're not gonna let you read it. They're going to say no finish your addition and multiplication tables before you get there. Right? Because it's not gonna make any sense. 'cause you're saying like level, let's say level seven has has six levels of prerequisite knowledge. Exactly. The that you couldn't even comprehend what you would be readings. Yeah, it's just sequence. Okay. Okay. Well, that makes sense. Yeah. But what was going? I started to say, then I, I got sidetracked with our debate, which is. I know a lot of Scientologists and I don't. I don't think I agree with many of the tenants or maybe the origin or I might not hold L Ron Hubbard in the same degree that you guys do any of that stuff almost unilaterally

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