Columbine High School, Vegas, Barbara Bush discussed on The Christopher Hahn Show


The nineteen th anniversary of the mass shooting at columbine high school and high school students took a stand by taking a walk it was national school walkout day for thousands of students nationwide and john lawrence reports enough is enough that's the main message from the thousands of students taking part in friday's national school walkout we finally see that we aren't alone that some other people in other states far away from us feel the same way and wanna make change for the walkout came from lane murdoch a sixteen year old sophomore from connecticut in the time i've been high school we've had the police las vegas and now amnesty shooting so this is something that surrounds us every single day she and others with the groups say they have a three part goal hold elected officials accountable promote solutions to gun violence and demystify and engage students in the political system friday marks the nineteen th anniversary of the columbine school shooting were twelve students and one teacher were killed walkout organizers say elected officials haven't done enough since then if we didn't start now well we're going to have to probably wait and see to the next shooting and that shouldn't happen i'm tired of seeing young people die because decisions that were made by them correspondent john laurence former first lady barbara bush died this week here's correspondent clayton neville on the passing of the.

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