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And actors shaping the world today learn more at CFR dot org slash world one oh one and from the Doris Duke charitable foundation whose building bridges program works with U. S. Muslims to increase mutual understanding and well being among diverse populations for the benefit of building stronger more inclusive communities this is weekend edition from NPR news under the Garcia Navarro the most unusual essential job during the corona virus pandemic might be in Butte Montana at a former open pit copper mine turned toxic lake nor sacks of Montana public radio has this profile of the bird protection specialist who's been showing up for work just about every day each spring the skies over the rocky mountains in southwest Montana team with birds headed north on most days mark meri on who is on duty before sunrise at the Burj shack a ten by eight foot structure perched up on the high wall of an abandoned copper mine which has filled with water the Berkeley pit is a toxic leak more than a mile square the acidic water is chock full of heavy metals birds that land on it can die so Meriones job is to quickly he's in the office these days he enters headquarters with the camel buff covering his face and Clorox wipes on each hand which is funny because when it's really cold they freeze to the door then he religiously cleans the shack in the arsenal of shared bird hazing gadgets including a sporting rifle you know you haven't really lived in sharia disinfected in a our first thing in the morning that used to scare birds up a giant tactically once all the tools are sanitized he gets down to burning using a scope to track a bunch of ducks paddling across the pits vast way captain teal surface we're going to shoot at a group of sellers eleven northern sellers into American Legion that's because the giant green laser beam you tried it wasn't enough to speak them get ready one shot that was about ten feet in front of them in every single one is I don't know says overall he loves his work and feel safe doing at flying solo in the project the closest person he can see is on the opposite side of the gaping open pit mine it's been nice because I know a lot of essential workers are still pretty exposed and I mean I'm essentially out here in this big void and even in the middle of this global pandemic mark merry on has discovered some reasons to keep looking up fewer planes in the sky and boats on the water in the world is quiet it's been some really awesome birding he says if you can safely venture outside to a body of water you should do it now chances are you'll see and hear species of migrating birds you never could before for NPR news I'm Nora Saks in Butte Montana Sarah knight has built a career saying no specifically expletive deleted no she is the author of the no expletives given guides which include the books com the expletive down and the life changing magic of not giving a expletive answer knight's latest book which I referenced at the top offers advice on how to do what she calls mental decluttering in order to pare down life to the essentials it's something we've all had to learn to do a lot more recently and Samantha Balaban has this profile at the end of a long winding tree lined highway about two and half hours outside of Santa Domingo the capital of the Dominican Republic this is my very favorite and of the beaches last by in a speech in Leicester Ennis there's a little beach town called last year and I think it I know it's about Iraq thank and that's were serenade sets looking at the ocean eating fried plantains or just honest we've already got a friendly beach dog on the approach this one's around here all the time plus hearing this is a fishing village and unlike other beachside towns in the country there are few all inclusive resorts here it's cozy and isolated for Sarah knight it's I don't like I wake up when I wake up I never set an alarm unless I have an appointment maybe I sit outside depending on how hot it is and if I'm working on a book or if I'm working on article or something like that I usually get started around noon made his return to self help journals in four books here she's working on a fifth right now.

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